21 January 2018, Sunday, 0:03

Lida Footwear Factory switches over to 4-day working week


The enterprise, at which about 730 people are employed, is in a difficult economic condition.

Workers of the enterprise told praca-by.info about the situation.

- For several months already we have been working only four days a week. In half a year several directors changed, for several months we worked without top-management at all. It seems like we work pretty well, dispatch goods. But while stores do pay us, consumer cooperatives would regularly delay payments for 2-3 months. What are we supposed to buy raw materials for? Leave alone that inflation eats out a part of our incomes.

About 730 people are employed at the factory, almost all of them are women. The salary has been delayed for a week. People get paid 2.5 million roubles. We should expand the product line, because we produce 70.000-worth slippers, but only working men shoes we make of leather. But there is no this kind of equipment, and there is nothing to purchase it for, the factory is in loans and debts up to its ears. Each year the situation worsens, - told the worker of the Lida Footwear Factory.