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Portraits of Yury Rubtsou pasted at streets of Brest and Kamyanets


Portraits of the political prisoner could be seen in towns of Brest region now.

The leaflets disseminated by activists show Yury Rubtsou in a T-shirt with the words: “Lukashenka, step down!”, which had been the reason for his incarceration. As charter97.org learnt, the portraits were placed in central streets of Brest and Kamyanets before the Day of Solidarity.

The prisoner of conscience, Yury Rubtsou, an activist from Homel, was sentenced to 2 years’ term of imprisonment by the court of Pruzhany district on May 28, 2015. It extended his initial term, 18 months, to which he had been sentenced in October 2014 for “insult of a judge” (under Article 391 of the Criminal Code). According to the prosecution, Yury Rubtsou declined several job offers at the open-type correctional detention facility in Pruzhany district Brest region, where he had been serving his initial term.

Yury Rubtsou was charged with violation of Article 415 of the Criminal Code (“Evasion of serving the sentence”), however witnesses said during the court proceedings that he had not refused to work in general, but he did so as a protest against low wages in the prison system. The activist challenges his decision and at the moment is kept in the remand prison in Baranavichy.

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