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Yury Rubtsou speaks of Baranavichy isolation ward: We are fed like pigs

Yury Rubtsou speaks of Baranavichy isolation ward: We are fed like pigs

There are even worse conditions in Baranavichy remand prison than in open type detention facility in Kuplin village.

Almost a month ago, May 29, Homel activist Yury Rubtsou, famous for his public call for Lukashenka's dismissal, was sentenced to 2 additional years of deprivation of liberty. The trial was conducted in Pruzhany, but he is still kept in Baranavichy remand prison, as his cassation appeal is not considered yet, before the trial Rubtsou was on hunger strike for a month.

In his letter, his wife Yanviha says, he complains about poor nutrition in the remand prison, Radio Svaboda reports.

"He wrote that they were fed like pigs. It is even worse than in Kuplin. There they could cook, but here they have to eat what they are given. And here food is poor", she said.

In his letter Yury pays a great attention to political affairs. In particular, he believes that the elections should be ignored, as they decide upon nothing and nothing is going to change until Lukashenka takes the lead. "It is his steadfast position", son Viktar comments on his father's letter.

According to the lawyer, the consideration of cassation appeal, lodged on June 9, is still unknown.

Civil activist Yury Rubtsou is sentenced to two years for alleged evasion of serving the punishment. In Kuplin were he used to serve 1.5 years for alleged insult of a judge, he allegedly refused to work. But Rubtsou said he had not refused to work, but had not agreed to work at low-paid jobs. "Lukashenka promised everybody $600 per month, but he lied", Rubtsou said in his final speech.

Yury Rybtsou was sentenced to open-type detention facility for public insult of a judge. Earlier, he was detained for wearing a t-shirt "Lukashenka, go away", it was torn off and he was taken to a court. Later he made tattoo with the same words.

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