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Anarchist Website Blocked In Belarus

Anarchist Website Blocked In Belarus

The website is blocked "in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus."

Such notice one can see while trying to access the website Pramen.io.

The website was blocked on Saturday, October 29.

The website of the anarchist group "Pramen" (pramen.io) is an informational and analytical resource, which contained the analysis of current news from the point of view of anarchism, articles about how to successfully confront the punitive actions of the police, articles on the activity of the anarchist movement worldwide, and also information on actions of anarchists in Belarus.

Despite the small attendance of the site (30-50 unique visitors per day, not including public pages in social networks), the Belarusian authorities have considered that even such a source of information is an impermissible threat that must be eliminated.

It is not yet clear on what basis and by whom was made this decision. However, we remind you, that in the case of blocking of websites anonymizers, Tor and VPN can be useful.

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