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Corrections Department Chief: Convicted For Drugs-Related Crimes Wear Green Cloth Badges

Corrections Department Chief: Convicted For Drugs-Related Crimes Wear Green Cloth Badges

In Belarus the dictators’ order on harshening incarceration conditions for convicts for drugs-related crimes is being implemented.

Now such inmates are to wear green cloth badges, and in the future they are to receive special uniform. It has been said by the chief of the Corrections Department of the Interior Ministry of Belarus Siarhei Daroshka, tut.by reports.

In 2015 enterprises of the penitentiary system failed to receive the expected profit because of the volume of output and drop in sales. The amount by which expenditures exceed revenues was more than Br3.95 billion.

Siarhei Daroshka told how much detention of one inmate costs.

“The expenses for one inmate is Br1,877,000 per month. It is for those who are kept in places of detention, penal colonies. Expenses for one teenager in children colonies are Br10,225,000 rubles per month,” – the Corrections Department chief said.

Siarhei Daroshka explained this difference by the fact that troubled teenagers are still children.

“Children in penal colonies or remand prison eat the same food as children at large – juice, milk and so on,” – he explained.

Journalists have been also said that there is already a division in places of serving the sentence for persons convicted for drug-related crimes and other crimes.

“We have two penal colonies, which keep drug felons (persons, condemned of crimes under Article 328 of the Criminal Code – Illicit drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors and analogues’ trafficking),” – said the Corrections Department head. About 4 500 persons have been convicted for crimes related to drugs.

He also reminded that incarceration conditions for such criminals condemned under Article 328, are to be harshened. A number of measures have been already taken, and the conditions are to become even harsher. Siarhei Daroshka also confirmed reports of some mass media that such inmates wear special cloth badges.

“We have decided that this year they are to wear a special distinguishing sign – a green cloth badge. Next year they are to have a special uniform. And we are still to think about its colour,” – he said.

The Corrections Department Chief is convinced that such measures are to help in combatting the drugs problem in Belarus.

We remind that on May 27, 2016 amendments to some laws on prevention of illicit drugs trafficking were passed.

From now on criminals convicted of crimes under Articles 327-329 and 331 of the Criminal Code are to be kept in separate correctional facilities, and also in other penitentiary facilities separately from other inmates.

This refers to those who are serving sentence for theft, illicit trafficking or carrying across the border narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors or analogues. Besides, persons convicted of usage of drugs, psychotropic substances, precursors and equivalents in a public place, or being their intoxicated. Persons who are convicted of planting or growing prohibited plants and mushrooms are to be kept separately as well. Those who had been tempting to use illicit drugs, are included in this category as well.

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