27 June 2019, Thursday, 10:24
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Parents of Arrested Condrus: Son Taken to the Meeting on Handbarrows


In prison, Uladzimir Condrus went on a long-term hunger strike to protest against his imprisonment.

Uladzimir Condrus, a new person of interest of the criminal case on riots in the "presidential elections" in December 2010, met with his parents for the first time in two months, Radio Svaboda reports.

His father Uladzimir Rastsislavavich informed HRC Viasna that they had been finally allowed to the visit on August 9. The medical status of 39 years-old man, who is in the medical unit of Volodarka, according to his parents, is "critical". He could spend with them only a few minutes:

"He is barely alive, he was taken away on handbarrows. He could spend with us only five minutes. He is absolutely exhausted. He muttered. It looks like he does not understand where he is," his father said.

In prison, Uladzimir Condrus went on a long-term hunger strike to protest against his imprisonment, it became the ground for health deteriorationю According to parents, despite the previous point of view, this time the son asked for help:

"He asked us to ensure gastric intubation. He has an ulcer, and for this reason he did not serve in the army. Now he spit blood. Obviously, the ulcer aggravated. And in the medical unit no aid is handled. His cries for a painkiller are useless. Mother has tearfully begged to transfer him to a normal hospital... Our son needs medical emergency," Uladzimir Rastsislavavich says.

A resident of Rudensk village Uladzimir Condrus was taken into custody on June 14 in the framework of the preliminary investigation for his alleged involvement in protests near the Government House during the "presidential elections" in 2010. He is charged under Article 293 of the Criminal Code - "Mass disorders". At the time of the investigation, he is kept in remand prison № 1 in Minsk.

In 2011, in connection with those events about fifty people were convicted, many of them were imprisoned on various terms.