16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:54

Lukashenka Kicks the Bucket Without Radzina's Money


Financial state of Drazdy dwellers is really poor.

I finally got the "letter of happiness".

Yesterday I had a phone call of my mother and said that I was required payment of "tax on parasitism". A postman in Kobryn delivered it to my parents. Mother refused to sign under receive note and said that her daughter did not live in Belarus for 6 years due to the authorities that demanded money. The post woman treated her words with understanding and confessed that the year before she had failed to work for several months and was found a "sponger" and had the same notice. On that absurd note women peacefully waved goodbye.

A lot of things prove how "Decree on parasitism" goes contrary to the Constitution, the way it stroke graduates, women on maternity leave, builders working in Russia and those taking care of sick relatives.

Speaking frankly, according to Lukashenka's laws, I am a true "sponger". My official labour experience includes five years at Department of Journalism of the Belarusian State University. After graduation I have been working on charter97.org.

In Poland I can legally work, but I worked like a partisan in Belarus for 10 years. I kept in secret my work place, position, the place of the editorial office, my laptop in case of search and to have an extra one at my neighbours'. I did my best to survive, but unlike Drazdy dwellers I did not spend a penny of the state. But the state turned to be unable to make living without me - it all ended with a mess in the editorial office, four criminal cases and the KGB's jail.

By the way, about the KGB. I haven't had my Belarusian passport back yet. God alone knows how it was difficult for me to leave Belarus without it, but I can see some pluses now.

Let KGB officers pay my tax on "parasitism". I will tell it Kobryn postwoman. I'm sure she'll gladly bring this notice to them. Lukashenka kicks the bucket without Radzina's money.

Natallia Radzina, editor-in-chief of charter97.org