15 November 2018, Thursday, 16:46
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Lukashenka Understands Language Of Sanctions Better


The remains of confidential relations between Belarus and Ukraine are destroyed.

Ukraine's relations with the neighboring state, which have become much more complicated lately, are a demonstration of the Kremlin's insistence on creating the effect of a besieged fortress for our state. In this situation, it is needed to act in a balanced and low emotional way.

There are many surprising things in the report on the detention of the Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Sharoiko by the Belarusian special services, who worked in a neighboring country as a correspondent of the Ukrainian radio. He was detained on October 25, but the information was only made public in mid-November, Sharoiko's wife is in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian consul was able to meet with him in the detention center.

It is also surprising that assurances of eternal and faithful friendship keep sounding from Minsk, on November 2 Poroshenko and Lukashenka met in Abu Dhabi. The detention of the Ukrainian journalist who worked as spokesman for the Chief Bureau of the Intelligence a few years ago looks like an attempt to bring contradictions into the Belarusian-Ukrainian relations. By the way, Sharoiko, like Roman Sushchenko, is a military by education, this category of journalists is especially liked by the Russian special services, as it allows the masters of conspiracy versions to express themselves fully.

However, last week other actions of Belarus on the diplomatic front also raised questions. In Moscow, Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei offered the Belarusian military as a blue helmet for the Donbass, sort of forgetting that Belarus is a member of the CSTO, where Russia orders music, and the connections of the Belarusian and Russian military were illustrated by the West-2017 exercises well. In addition, Belarus voted in the Third Committee of the United Nations against the Ukrainian resolution on the state of human rights in the Crimea and Sevastopol, showing that it holds an equality with Russia.

Together with the kidnapping of Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Hryb in the Belarusian Homel in August, the spring "breakthrough of an SUV with weapons" from the Ukrainian territory on the eve of the Freedom Day and other minor "pranks" of the Belarusian authorities and special services, these facts allow talking about the destruction of the remnants of trust in bilateral relations, about which there should be not only political statements, but also economic steps. Aliaksandr Lukashenka, who has been working for 23 years, seems to understand such language better.

Evhen Magda, bereza.today