16 October 2018, Tuesday, 5:32
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Soldiers' Mothers Put Minsk City Executive Committee Into Fright By One Word


Activists will once again seek registration of the organization.

Today there is a public organization of soldiers' mothers in Belarus, which cooperates with the country's Ministry of Defense.

The human rights activist Natallia Hariachka told Narodnaya Volia about the creation of an alternative association in Belarus that would deal with incidents in the army and monitor the conditions of service of soldiers in the army, uniting soldiers' mothers of Belarus under its aegis.

According to her, prior to public announcement of the creation of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, she held consultations with representatives of the Belarusian Defense Ministry, where she faced full understanding and support from the military.

After that, the constituent assembly of the new organization was held, registration documents were prepared.

– It seemed, our side did everything correctly, – Natallia Hariachka says. – We wanted to register the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. I brought a package of documents to the Registration and Licensing Department of the Main Department of Justice of the Minsk City Executive Committee. It turned out that today, when registering a public organization, you can not use the word "Committee" in its name. This is prohibited by law.

I should note that the consideration of documents took about one working day. They informed me on the refusal to register the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers by a phone call an hour before the end of the office day. Therefore, I physically could not provide the registration documents of the new organization again.

– But you will do it anyway, having changed the name, won't you?

– Yes, tomorrow I will go to the Minsk City Executive Committee again. Since the law requires that the name of the organization reflects the nature of our activities, we decided to register a Social Human Rights Institution: The Union of Servicemen's Mothers: 'Our Right.'

– Natalia, do you think that the problems at the stage of registration of the new organization are related to purely technical issues or there are some "hidden pitfalls"?

– I hope that these are purely technical issues. However, as far as I can judge from my dialogue with the officials in the Minsk City Executive Committee, they are set up this way: it is important for them that the name does not contain "soldier's mothers". Why – this is another question.

In any case, we will seek official registration and work on issues related to service in the modern Belarusian army.