17 January 2018, Wednesday, 23:05

We Are Real Force Together


Editor-in-Chief of the website Charter97.org Natallia Radzina has addressed to the audience.

«Dear friends!

Today, during the “Non-Parasites Marches” in Minsk, Hrodna and Mahiliou, when thousands of brave outraged Belarusians came out ot the streets, the authorities blocked the website charter97.org in the country. Thank you for staying with us, for reading us via anonymizers, for distributing our articles in the social networks and at other grounds, and for helping to disseminate the information on how to overcome the block.

As a result, the authorities realized the senselessness of restriction the functioning of our website and we won. Dozens of thousands people have already returned to our website searching for the truthful information. According to Gooogle Analitycs, about 10 thousand people browsed us at the same time, and there will be over 250 thousand of us totally for the day.

Let’s be together!

Long Live Charter! Long Live Belarus!».


Nevertheless, it is impossible to cut off the Belarusians from the word of freedom completely.

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