19 June 2018, Tuesday, 3:52

Lukashenka Is Completely Powerless

Uladzimir Nyaklyayew

The pressure on political bankruptcy must be continued.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, poet and politician Uladzimir Nyaklyayew stated that in the interview with Charter97.org.

- An initiated White Legion case is getting more sensational. Why it has been initiated?

- The so-called White Legion case is a complete idiotic idea of the Belarusian special services and people within Lukashenka's circle in his Administration.

Despite all the absurdity of the "case", the authorities are not going to close it. My summons for interrogation I got from the KGB proves it. I guess it relates to the case they try to dress up in the garb of the "fight with militants".

- Could you tell us more about this summons?

- I was not at home and my wife was given this summons. I was asked to appear today to the Committee for State Security. The reason was not specified, but I think it is caused by the White Legion case. I have no relation to this organization, at least because the White Legion was closed down long ago and there can be no "defendants" in the case. There are only innocent people who suffer from the idiocy of the authorities.

Of course, I did not appear there...

Although the idiocy of the "case" is on the surface, the authorities hope to "sell" it both in domestic and foreign markets. Within the country "the White Legion case" is aimed at the public watching BT national channel. Abroad, this "case" is required by the part of the Russian political elite that supports Lukashenka. The regime wants to feed Western politicians who insist on "changes through rapprochement" policy - a completely failing one, which has not contributed to the democratization of our country.

There is no doubt that "the Patriot case" is the job of the highest ranks of the KGB and they will do their best to make this fake valid. So, we have to unite to seek the release of new political prisoners.

- Can official recognition of defendants in the "Patriot case" as political prisoners be useful?

- Yes, of course. All these people should be immediately recognized as political prisoners.

The perception of such cases in the West is specific, and any delay will cause the fact that the political prisoners of the "Patriot case" can be considered as "political prisoners of some kind of afterthought".

Lack of clear position on the "White Legion case" is consequences of this slippery game initiated by some Western politicians towards the Lukashenka's regime.

The futility of the policy was foreseeable at once, now it is confirmed. This policy does not bear any positive shifts. Lukashenka and his regime do not stand any changes.

- What can be done by the West to fix its mistakes in the policy towards the Belarusian authority?

- They should get priorities straight.

On the one hand, the so-called "dialogue" cannot be stopped, but they must get rid of illusions and to understand that it is only an instrument of political influence on the regime.

The other priority is required: to provide assistance to Belarusian people who take the streets.

To let them be heard, that they strive for changes, freedom, free elections. And this is an essential condition to continue the dialogue with the West.

Pressure on the part of the Belarusian society ensures implementation of Western requirements. The support of Belarusian democratic forces is the only way for the EU and the USA, if they want to achieve their goals.

- According to you, it turns out that the Belarusian people and its protest "monologue" is the main factor for political changes in Belarus. What challenges do Belarusians face in today's situation?

The most important thing is not to succumb to provocative calls to stop street actions: they may be exploited by some "anti-Belarusian forces" in the East. These are all calls of those who wish to preserve the today's power.

The pressure on the regime must be retained! Will for democratization and freedom must be shown.

Every problem within the country is always resolved in it. Even if the country is under occupation, all the same, it revives due to the struggle of its people.

The authorities are trying to intimidate the society. But now one can see that the regime will be defeated. I'm convinced in it, because I see and hear the reaction to activities of the authority.

- As poet and word-painter, can you offer a slogan that is the most relevant to Belarusians these days?

- Today a clear understanding of the situation is the one thing that counts.

The truth is that now the Lukashenka's regime is completely powerless. It has lost all opportunities and resources to somehow comply with any "social agreements" with the population.

At the moment the regime is a political bankrupt and there is no reason to expect any wise thing. Its resignation is the only way to make a difference in Belarus.

Resignation of his own free will is desirable, after a "round" or whatever table. Its subject is the guarantee to Lukashenka and his family of safety in return for his voluntary resignation.

It would be the way out of the situation. But it is worth remembering that only noble people can do it, who can bear responsibility for the country and the people. Lukashenka still does not look like this person and can bring more serious problems to Belarus than we have now.