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‘Why Do You Keep Bullying Us? Makei Seems Afraid To Go Visit You Anymore’

‘Why Do You Keep Bullying Us? Makei Seems Afraid To Go Visit You Anymore’

The dictator complained they “pour dirt” on him in the West.

Lukashenka has said this today during his annual “message to the people and the National Assembly”. The website Charter97 provided the live text coverage of the dictator’s speech.

“They say we have used some excessive force. We are not idiots; we see what is happening inside the EU itself. We haven’t poured water on our people, or poisoned them with a tear gas. And those who did poison people with gas, tell us: you applied excessive approaches. I would call this a weird approach,” – Lukashenka has thrown at the European politicians.

“I want to tell everyone who is sitting here: if anyone makes an attempt at the sovereignty of our country, we will take all the necessary measures. Armed people keep storming into the country from all the directions,” – the dictator has reminded about the “incidents” at the border, fabricated by his own secret services.

“I want to tell all the European leaders: you really lack something between the legs. Breivick killed so many people, and complains that he would want a different computer in his cell. You will soon realize your mistakes and will regret having made them. Why are you so stubborn? Where’s your democracy and tolerance? You keep pursuing human rights. What do you think about those kids who drown in the Mediterranean Sea? Aren’t you ashamed of blaming Belarus in such a situation? We accepted 160 thousand refugees from Ukraine. And you don’t want to accept 5 thousand? You want to destabilize the situation here? Why do you keep bullying us? The whole European continent is on fire. We can help you. And you shut yourself off us. What if I would shut you down at my border tomorrow?

Makei seems scared to go visit you. He reminds an oven fork, as people say. Wherever he goes, he is bullied: there’s exceedence everywhere. Let us be friends, as a famous cartoon character says.

And you put barricades and pour dirt on us. Just like some people from the East,” – Lukashenka has complained.

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