21 June 2018, Thursday, 19:03

Lukashenka: No One Canceled Decree N3


The new strategy of the authorities regarding "parasites" became known.

As Lukashenka's press service informs, the Belarusian ruler stated this while approving the appointment of new leaders of the local vertical of power on Thursday.

Lukashenka stressed that no one had canceled the Decree No. 3, which the people called the decree on "parasites."

"This will be your document. You have to determine on the spot who does not work, but should work, and you should make them all work. This is the essence of the document. It's not Minsk that should manage these processes," – Lukashenka said, as cited in the press service's message.

"You should tackle the issue yourselves. That is the decision on the matter. Then they won't be strolling here shouting out "violence." Some people need help, some need to be brought to the workplace by hand, someone needs to change the speciality, some need to be taught new professions, and some just need to be " saddled" with work," – the dictator noted.

We remind that Outraged Belarusians' Marches were held throughout Belarus in the winter-spring.

The decree on "parasites" was the catalyst for the mass protests. Thousands of Belarusians took to the streets of their cities to say "Basta."

During the Warning Action of September 8, one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Mikalai Statkevich, announced the date of the next action demanding to cancel the Decree on "parasites" - Outraged Belarusians' March 2.0 will be held on October 20.