16 December 2018, Sunday, 0:52
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In 2017 Belarusians Drew Back More Than 3 Million Euros On Tax Free Checks


This is 163 thousand euro more than in 2016.

In January – December last year, Belarusians drew back 3 million 235 thousand 179 euros of taxes. Kp.by has been informed about it in the press service of Tekhnabank, which deals in Belarus with VAT refunds on Tax Free checks. We remind that if you buy goods abroad for a certain amount (each country has different limits on VAT refunds), draw up the necessary papers in the store, then you can get your tax back by the Global Blue system and some others in Belarus.

In 2016, Belarusians returned less taxes – for 3 million 71 thousand 900 euros. But we are still far from the steep shopping that was in 2013 – 2014, then the Belarusians returned via Tekhnabank 5 million euros of taxes a year.

Despite millions of euros per year, the average amount of refund for one Free Tax check of the Global Blue system is quite modest – it’s only 17.5 euros. By the way, it is possible to return VAT on Tax Free checks of other systems in Tekhnabank as well.

Money returned by Belarusians on Tax Free checks in 2017 *

Global Blue – 3 198 386.53 euros, the average check – 17.55 euros;

Premier – 236 547.24 euros, the average check – 30 euros;

Innova – 16 912.39 euros, the average check – 29 euros;

Litofolija – 13 666.75 euros, the average check – 18.5 euros;

Tax Card – 19 880 euros, the average check – 29 euros.

* data of Tekhnabank.