24 March 2019, Sunday, 8:56
A Challenge for Everyone

Belarusians Offer Russia Prince Alherd-Style ‘Intergation’


Residents of our country appreciate freedom and Independence.

On December 13 in Brest, Medvedev suggested to introduce the Russian ruble in Belarus, alongside with the common customs, courts and the audit system. This is how Russia sees “integration within the Union State”.

Belarusians offered the Russian PM their own plan of integration. A Twitter user recalled the Prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Alherd, who took three military campaigns against Moscow.

The theme caused vivid discussion on the Charter97.org website. Although there were different opinions, the readers were united in one thing – we are not going to give our independence to anyone, no matter how badly Lukashenka and his circles might want it:

“We need no worthless Russian ruble.”

“The US dollar has been successfully operating here since long ago. No one has had any questions in this regard.”

“Let those who took loans give them back! The people have not forgiven a single penny to them! The people worked for ridiculous money all these years! Let those Drazdy guys sell their mansions, which they built for the people’s money! Let the officials sell everything they had stolen together with Lukashenka! It’s time we join NATO.”

“Those “Russian world” adherents have too big a mouth!!! I stand for the single monetary unit in Belarus – the TALER, the Belarusian TALER in Belarus, and Russia! All the signs on the bank notes should be in the Belarusian language! Belarusian TALER – to Russia, that is my suggestion! As there will be nothing good in Russia, while Belarus is facing great future.”

“Mr. Medvedev, stop forcing your opinion upon us, Belarusians! Those who don’t recognize themselves as such, have a problem, not us! Keep your “convertible” ruble as far from us as possible.”

“Kremlin and Russia, you have enough of your own lands, develop them, deal with your country, your people. Belarusians are not Russians, we’ve had enough of your fraternity.”

“Don’t worry, Belarusians, the Russian worthless ruble is drowning, faster and faster. The forfeit for the crimes they committed during the last years against other countries has just started. They will have no time for any sort of imperial stuff soon, they will have to save themselves. Their time is up.”