22 April 2019, Monday, 0:00
For our and your freedom!

Spongers, On!


It is already known when a normal life starts in our great country.

As soon as the ruler defeats spongers, all at once. Well, first one needs to celebrate the victory over this insidious enemy. To lay the table on large squares. To invite working people. And to make captive spongers pour in beer and serve with fried sausages. And it can be combined with Dazhynki or the centenary of the Komsomol. Great idea.

But it happens later. As soon as this great campaign is over and a brave riot police officer reports on liquidation of the last sponger in the country. Then there is the time to relax. And this holiday becomes true.

Meanwhile, the best minds of the state built up a strategy. They allow for moral and legal aspects. Write reports. A computer records lines of the key document. The event of the century - Decree No. 3 gives way to Decree No. 1, more advanced and inclusive.

Even their titles determine the increased care of subordinated people. The previous one called by the ruler "Decree on Spongers" tried to reflect the main idea of the ruler: "On Prevention of Social Dependency". It sounds awkward.

The current version - "Employment Promotion" - is a different story. How much fatherly care and humanism this unsophisticated headline involves!

It's quite possible that the demonstration of imperious ferocity is not even necessary. Stubborn spongers, being ashamed of their poor role in society, will rush to the Labour Exchange and agree, as suggested before, to take a shovel in the teeth or to repeat the experience of Tom Sawyer in restoration of the disheveled fence.

One way or another, but by April 1, commissions established at Executive Committees should identify each of those who would be enlisted as potential sponger. Although the final date of the release of the fundamental document coincides with the merriest day of April, many people will not laugh.

The methodology for data preparation for identification of potential spongers is dazzling with its unconditionality. Everything is stipulated in the document "...collection, processing, storing, and the use of personal data does not require written consent."

Great! And they go around crying about a social and rightful state. A while ago people received letters of happiness, some of them still knock on doors of officials trying to return illegally withdrawn money for the so-called tax on spongers. it turns out they are ones to blame for failure to find a new job after a dismissal, someone had to leave for Russia for work. A young woman was late from the maternity leave. Or a guy was drawn to the color. And they were immediately inlisted. Yes, officials were wrong. It happens! Money will be returned.

But who is going to compensate for moral damage? For the stupid suspicion on the part of lazy and dumb officials. For the blackening of reputation. For endless efforts to prove that you're not a camel. And what about the Constitution?

Nothing. The President of the Supreme Court has already spoken about this conflict as it was a norm. Things seem to be not so bad. Commission at Executive Committees will not deliver a final decision. The final word rests with court. And our courts are as fair as "God", you know...

Do you still remember fake trials of 2010 and the recent White Legion case? Everything is as plain as the nose on your face. Judges are always right. The authority can jeer at people at its pleasure. It does not bear any responsibility. Victims are not taken into account.

We have poor legal consciousness. Small nomenclature managed to do its way to power and it was busy enough to learn basics of jurisprudence. It has many things to do. So, the situation is like that: the Constitution is for groundling readers, and the real practice is for others. And it makes no sense to be surprised with any absurdity of the state.

However, provincial totalitarianism has strange habits. It desperately needs the nationwide support. Either true or fake, it doesn't matter. It relies on ignorance and fear. Therefore, it constantly needs those who can be blamed for inevitable failures and contretemps. If the life is hard and it's getting worse, then there's one to blame. Here they are, these enemies of the people! The fifth column. It brought no result? People are still silent? Well, then here are spongers!

The fight with spongers is waste of time. They should have refrained from it. It's a completely Soviet practice of the 50s. Did it save that power? Did it?

There are still no tables on squares, as well as free drinks delivered from local breweries. There's no need to hurry. It looks like the fight with spongers will be long and unpredictable, and this desired money will hardly reach the budget. But the exited power is already walking on air. Propagandists are exited: the whole country is discussing a new variant of the notorious decree. What is the result? Will it result in the nationwide support of the regime or cause a completely different reaction? The answer to this question was given last spring. A clear one.

It's strange that still there are people who have failed to understand it yet.

Uladzimir Khalip, specially for Charter97.org