22 January 2019, Tuesday, 8:38
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Activists Released Posters Dedicated To Kurapaty Defence

The posters call to remember the poets-patriots.

Public activists have produced posters dedicated to the "Night of Shot Poets". The posters will be passed on to the site owners, who will agree to place them in public space to expand the memory of the Stalinist repressions, Radio Racyja reports.

On February 20, 2017, the Kurapaty protection camp was created – a protest camp on the site opposite the house No. 49 in Mirashnichenka street in Minsk. Activists sought to stop the construction of the office center on the disputed site, which at certain times was included in the protected area of the Kurapaty tract. The struggle was successful, two weeks later the construction was stopped, and the camp was closed.

On the anniversary of the protest, activists released posters dedicated to the "Night of Shot Poets". This date is considered to be a symbol of Stalinist repressions, from which tens of thousands of Belarusians suffered. The money for the release was collected during the existence of the camp.

"The names of the 132 shot at the night of October 29, 1937, are placed on the placard in the upright position, which creates a sound waveform and a heartbeat line, which are cut by a bullet. The bullet trail is increased by the erased letters in the names, and the further, the harder they are to read. The names are erased, and the memory about the event is erased with them. The poster was created to remember," – Minsk designer Aliaksandr Chabatarou, the author of the idea, says.

100 posters have been produced in total, each one has its serial number. The activists have created a special video, which illustrates the events of the night on October 29, 1937, in order to spread information about Stalin's repression.