24 January 2019, Thursday, 12:51
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Lukashenka: Belarus Is Russia's Main Western Outpost


The dictator once again declared a military alliance with the Russian Federation against the countries of the West.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka said this today at a meeting of the Security Council of Belarus, BelTA informs.

Lukashenka stressed that the allied relations of Belarus take on special significance:

"We took a number of measures aimed at developing the armed forces of the CSTO countries, strengthening their military-technical cooperation, strengthening their positions in the world, – Lukashenka noted. – I must tell you, in spite of our efforts, we proceeded from the possible, introduced those issues that could be accepted even in such a small format as the CSTO. It is difficult to reconcile issues that bear large material costs. I mean weapons."

"I don't mean that we want, or again, as they say, we demand some money for some kind of events. But we must understand that, for example, Belarus is their (including the Russian Federation) main military outpost in the west, – Lukashenka explained. – And this is today the most dangerous direction. Although the concentration of negative phenomena in Afghanistan cannot leave us relaxed as well in the south."

"Therefore, in this respect, we need to think seriously and make a decision at least after the presidential elections in Russia. We need not only to modernize our armed forces in the most serious way, but we must improve them and adapt them to possible military operations. Possible. Basing on the experience of wars and conflicts that happen in modern times," – Lukashenka said.