16 December 2018, Sunday, 7:55
Thanks, everyone

Yauhen Vaskovich: We Are Going To Defend Charter-97 Unitedly


All the Belarusian democratic forces must support the independent website.

Young Front leader Yauhen Vaskovich stated that, commenting on the blocking of Charter97.org in Belarus:

– The blocking of Charter-97 is buffoonery. The Belarusian authorities tell Western countries’ representatives that they "observe the law", but in fact they do everything to eliminate freedom of speech. They say one thing and do the opposite.

I want to note that from the very beginning of its existence, Charter-97 has been speaking in support of Belarusian values, including the independence of the country. And it's worth remembering about it.

The Young Front is also for these values. Therefore, we are now discussing with the organization activists our united defense of Charter-97.

After the blocking on January 24, I expected that could be a short-term measure. But we see that the authorities have blocked the site in a serious way. Therefore, now the democratic organizations we must cooperate with each other to support Charter-97 unitedly.

First, there must be a powerful defense on the Internet, as many people as possible are to be attracted to solve this problem.

Secondly, there is an opportunity to launch a campaign of graffiti, flashmobs, and photographs under the #яхартия97 hashtag.

I want to say to Charter-97 journalists and readers: do not give up! Charter is a resource that has never given up and has never kneeled. Today, all the Belarusian independent and democratic politicians must support Charter-97, if they want a free word in our country.

If we do not support Charter, other information resources will be the next ones. And then there will be only state media and Russian propagandists, writing about the liquidation of Belarus and the Belarusians as a nation.