22 July 2019, Monday, 13:44
We are in the same boat

Almost 34 Thousand Signatures Collected Against Construction Of Plant Near Brest


The collected signatures with the accompanying appeal will be submitted to Lukashenka's administration soon.

"As of 11.30 p.m. on Monday February 12, 33 576 signatures have been collected. The collection of signatures goes on," — activists of the initiative group against the construction of the battery plant in the "Brest" free economic zone reported to Brestskaya Gazeta.

A week ago, on February 5, there were 28 085 signatures.

In early January, a large-scale campaign was launched in Brest and the region against the construction of the I-Power factory near Brest, which was started at the end of last year. The initiative citizens are mostly concerned about the potentially dangerous enterprise being built near Brest.

According to the report on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the plant, its negative impact on the environment and humans will be negligible. Meanwhile, representatives of the initiative group say that the documents accompanying the pre-project and project work in the field of environmental protection at the construction of the plant contain a large number of errors, which casts doubt about the validity of the conclusions contained in the environmental impact assessment.

Having ensured the support of dozens of thousands of citizens through the collection of signatures, the activists are trying to at least suspend the construction and conduct repeated public discussions of the project not only among the residents of the Brest region, but also of the regional center.