21 February 2019, Thursday, 3:37
Appeal of the BPR Rada

"Everything Depends on Us!": Belarusians Launch the Action to Reduce Fuel Prices


Drives are called for two-months boycott of "Belarusneft".

Belarus has launched the action against high fuel prices, Gomelskaya Vesna informs.

The authors of the appeal protest against high fuel prices and call on to force distributors of oil products to gradually lower prices, they believe high prices are groundless and are too high for consumers in Belarus, and it should meet resistance:

"We have to make a difference. Everyone thinks that nothing depends on him. Everything depends on us!

All drivers! It's a great idea how to resist high fuel prices! Fuel prices are growing rapidly, we can soon observe prices of 1.5-2 rubles per liter, or even more.

European drivers tried to resist practicing "Give up fuel for one day". It was held a few months ago. Fuel producers only laughed at it realizing that it could not last long: car owners would suffer greater repercussions than they would. But this idea bred the more effective one! When prices keep increasing, we must take steps! The following idea makes it possible: Within two months we give up on gasoline and diesel fuel offered by the largest supplier Belarusneft.

The seller will have to reduce prices, if this neglect lasts for long. If they lower prices, other sellers will have to follow the example! To make it come true, we need these companies to lose thousands of active consumers. Despite the phantom difficulty, it is easy to implement! For more information read on! Send this message to 30 friends! they will send this message to other 8-10 people (30 by 10 equals to 300) and the number of informed will increase exponentially. Just send this message and people will stop buying. This is the worldwide action!

If everyone who is tired of paying corporations huge money for fuel sends this message to 10 people, 300 million people will take part in the action in a week! May I doubt that you have not even imagined that you have such a potential? People can make a great difference! Let the multi-level marketing finally work on favor of all people! Believe it and join the action! Believe in your strength and just send this message! I think it does make sense. And what about Belarusneft? It's not personal, Belneftekhim is the initiator of the price increase. They do not feel sorry for it! And there is no need to protest to make them laugh at us once again. We just need to ignore its filling stations; it will make them switch on their minds.