25 April 2019, Thursday, 15:56
For our and your freedom!

Operation "Petty Thousand"


Flush times have come.

The grass is turning green. The sun is shining. And the first thunderous day has come. It happened on April 3, while the meeting on countryside development held in Minsk. The initiator and executor of these thunder-like rolls was our ruler.

The smell of a terrible storm was in the air. The atmosphere was too merciful after the winter. Holidays. Anniversaries. Fierce ice hockey games. However, last week the atmosphere was icy and tense. Minded citizens were too naive to guess it was an ordinary sign of upcoming spring - herdsmen put cattle to pasture. But this naive pastoral ran dry soon. And an irresistible foreboding raised. It's possible that the most advanced bulls and male pigs already saw jamon and fateful strings of sausages in the dark. Everything became clear to mouse and man - something wrong happened.

And the storm was gaining strength. The ruler takes the floor. Keeping down he reads the text on paper reluctantly. He even does not throw stones and does not threat to tear one's head off. Everything is as usual. He speaks of successes in the agrarian sphere last year, the food is politics, a domestic and external one. Accustomed to such revelations, the audience falls into a sweet slumber and plays deadly concentration.

And the first lightening stroke over heads of confused officials and other participants of this fateful meeting, as soon as a seemingly innocent topic of raw zones was opened. It was wicked and unavoidable. The speaker stops reading and radically shift the tone: "If you need to redistribute raw zones, give them to meat-preserving and dairy factories which have high figures, and you will preserve the budget and the profit. And employees will earn their petty thousand rubles, which the government can't still reach.

He even stepped aside, as if disengaging himself from careless and negligent government. But who was that person who created this ineffective government? Who was too diligent to shuffle the bunch of clumsy officials, who only have uncertain plans to storm the mountain high called the Petty thousand on the strategic maps of the dictator?

The things this thunderous report involved! There were angry statements against those who fail to meet instructions to improve efficiency of the socio-economic complex, fiery calls to "control loss-making enterprises and ensure their effective work", and even original play upon brutal terminology. "You say the dictatorship of technology is required, don't you? It will!"

No one doubts! Everything in our country is focused on miserable and surprisingly many-sided dictatorship. Sometimes it's not even possible to guess how it will look like in a moment. in general, all these breathtaking ideas of the ruler were once voiced one way or another during party plenary meetings of Khrushchev, Brezhnev and unforgettable comrade Chernenko times. The result is known. Unless those speeches were less emotional. Rulers took care of their health. And the audience differed, too emotional speaker could be easily unset.

However, in the midst of this guiding storm the sun suddenly came out, emotions spent themselves, and even some kind of a gentle melody was heard in the air. And the ruler entertained the audience with a bright picture of the village of the future, Kopys-like.

It's time to build such settlements across the country. Every chairman of the district executive committee should now have the album with scientific-based pictures and plans of the future life. So that every head of a district could look it through from time to time and get inspired.

Bypassing furious guards, a shy ghost of communism looked into the hall, but the atmosphere was poisoned with beastly bad news: failures during preparations for the sowing campaign. Equipment has missing parts in some farms, there is open deception and stealing.

It's a beastly bad news. But not for everyone. Barely swept his eyes over law enforcement representatives, the ruler ordered to send the best employees of the Prosecutor's Office, the State Control, the Interior Ministry and even the KGB to the zone of awful idleness. Is there any problem? Overdue operation coincided with the beginning of the sowing campaign. The task is simple: to storm the Petty thousand at all hazards. And to give a devil horns gesture to the clumsy government.

"Conduct field audits immediately and all the guilty of violations should be severely punished. I wait on reports about your decisions. Enough talk! Conduct field audits and bring everyone to senses."

This is the real advantage of our economy. If something is wrong, a group of reliable comrades should be sent to the penetration area. And to bring everyone to senses. And if the special operation is enforced by tanks, the effect will be breathtaking.

And it is barely possible that after such a decisive meeting someone will doubt about a traditional phrase in the end of the summer: "There will be enough bread!" And if all enslaved spongers and those "brought to senses" after inspections are driven together in a labour camp, a large-scale construction of the village of the future, Kopys-like, can already be started this year.

Things seem to be not so bad. And if we ponder, things are doing great. And there is a clear goal determined by the leadership - Petty thousand. An unassailable height to be taken. At all hazards. And other things are great! The grass is turning green. The sun is shining.

What else does a human being need?

Uladzimir Khalip specially for Charter97.org