21 January 2019, Monday, 1:27
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‘Time To Raise Issue Of Patient’s Mental Capacity’


The theme of the "hockey end" of Lukashenka remains among the Internet’s hottest subjects.

At the World Cup 2018 in Denmark, Belarusian hockey players lost all 7 games with a total score of 8:36. The Belarusians lost to Sweden (0: 5), France (2: 6), Russia (0: 6), Switzerland (2: 5), Czech Republic (0: 3), Austria (0: 4) and Slovakia (4: 7). The Belarus national ice hockey team was kicked out of the elite division for the first time in 15 years.

Charter97.org website receives so many witty comments on the theme that we can’t help sharing them with you. Here is yet another portion:

“Stability! We lost al the games, that’s stability!”

“Hahaha! The Chief Hockey man gave correct instructions – do not lose with a difference less than 2 goals! Good job, guys!”

“Hockey is one thing which could be made working at a decent level, given desire. He wanted it so much but he failed. What can we say then about economy, politics, social development, science etc. The conclusion is, we should chase him away, the sooner the better.”

"And why did you suddenly decide that the balding man wanted to improve something, in the first place? I'm sure he needed only unlimited power. He received this power. And the fact that he has been blabbering about for a quarter of a century is the best proof of this! A chatterbox, who does not know how to do anything, but at least wants to improve something, changes rhetorics from time to time. And the bald one uses the same words throughout these 25 years : “most harshly”, “you will answer for this” and so on ... He never planned and doesn’t plan to do something for the country, for the Belarusians! He needs the power to live well and fill accounts in off-shores! "

“Maybe it would be better to develop the agrotowns, ha?”

“The only thing that is flourishing in the country is the blatant, kolkhoz Lukashism!”

“Sometimes it happens so teams lose, countries and fans are upset. But here we see pure solemn rejoicing. Dislike and disdain for the ruler ricocheted on hockey. That’s the end of the people’s love to “our president”.

“The team will be in the upper league again, but Lukashenka has been kicked out of all the leagues forever.”

“This hockey is in his view, but he does not know for sure how things are at the state enterprises. And there, it’s the same hockey, the Belarusian hockey. Systematic destruction of the resources of Belarus, since the directors are appointed by his accomplices - with complete lack of intelligence. They are pleased to curry favor and report on things that can not be concealed, but hide complete incompetence, theft at all levels of production management, downtime, permanent equipment breakdowns, due to obsolescence and wearing off and so on. The disgraced hockey is the benchmark of the governance of the country.”

“Urgent! Free a ward in a mental hospital for the best hockey man of all times!”

“Yes, Alex, yes. Your favourite toy is broken. We don’t need your good mood.”

“Everything is falling apart without Maidan.”

“I haven’t experienced such pride and joy since the super-series of the USSR in Canada, 1972. Those were great hockey players of the greatest team. And now, it’s the same association, only for some ragtag of those capable of playing only the hockey under the formula of a misere game, with the name of anti-hockey players, those aulic show-dancers on ice with a puck.”

“Before the World Cup started, the dictator was full with optimism, fooled by the sports officials appointed by himself, and in the end of it he’s full of pessimism in his pants.”

“That fool built a hundred of ice boxes and got not just the zero result, but the negative one.”

“Here’s an example of the ice palace in Babruisk. Who will say, why an ice palace for 7500 spectators is needed in the regional center, where there is practically no hockey team? Name a hockey star, who was trained under the arches of this monstrosity? Yes, there is mass skating, but for this it was possible to build an ice platform with artificial ice and a canopy of lightweight structures. Now this monster is sitting on the neck of the already scarce city budget, pulling out the last one from there. For the development of hockey in Belarus, this monster, alas, did not give anything.”

“If he has a heart attack, all players should be awarded Heroes of Belarus!”

“I have never felt such shame for anybody, as for Lukashenka. I am very ashamed!!! This feeling is even stronger than shame. This is shame, and resentment, and disappointment, and hatred, and, to some extent, grudging. Everything is mixed. My eyes would not see him anymore and my ears would not hear.”

“Such (victories) in our sport greatly weaken the nerves, and hence, the health of the dictator. Yes, and he can not answer for his words. It is necessary to raise the issue of the patient's mental capacity and urgently take measures for hospitalization. In principle, here and with the naked eye you can see that the person is not himself.”

“- Tell us, do you have any talents?

- I got one – I can f*** up everything in this world.”

“The Shklou director is the worst, worse than the bald tire. It’s dangerous to move on with it. Time to utilize it, to make carpets for cows.”