27 March 2019, Wednesday, 2:35
For our and your freedom!

Andrei Sannikov: Those ‘Officials’ Brutally Violate My Rights Of A Long-Time Football Fan


The FIFA officials are beaming with happiness when sharing company with a real criminal.

„The FIFA disciplinary committee warned Croatia defender Domagoj Vida for his “Glory for Ukraine!” cry, which he made after the Croatian team made it to the semi-finals of the football World Cup-2018, but could have disqualified him for the semi-finals,” - leader of the European Belarus civil campaign Andrei Sannikov writes on Facebook.

„Have they gone totally insane over there?

Maybe, it’s time the FBI deals with the current squad of the FIFA team, especially the president Gianni Infantino, who supported the criminal decision on holding the World Cup-2018 in Russia. I’m fed up with the rascals at the head of the international federations, doing their best to please dictators and cause damage to sport.

Because of Lukashenka’s devoted fan René Fasel (IIHF), I didn’t watch the ice hockey world championship which he brought to Minsk.

I don’t watch football because of that Putin-lover. Those “officials” brutally violate my rights as a long-time fan. They insolently demonstrate their negligence of the decorum, doing politics openly, for money, for huge money, as investigations show, and on any occasion they start shouting: “Do not mix sports and politics!”

Won’t there be just someone who would put those overwheening org-men at their place, at least in the case with Domagoj Vida? Won’t any decent federation demand to disperse the disciplinary committee? Vida, who did nothing to violate the FIFA rules, has already started justifying himself, as he was afraid to miss the semi-finals and didn’t feel any support.

Meanwhile, the self-obsessed FIFA officials are beaming with happiness in the company of a real criminal.”