20 February 2019, Wednesday, 5:17
Appeal of the BPR Rada

The HCS's Delayed-Action Bomb


The housing and communal service (HCS) has become the nest of D-students.

Belarusians will have one more item in the utility list: the payment for the heat modernization of housing will be the burden of the population.

Lukashenka's draft decree stipulates additional payments: according to it, an average utility bill of a two-room apartment increases by 25 rubles per month.

At that, insulation used to be carried out at the expense of deductions for a major overhaul. What will happen to the money raised for decades? These question of Charter97.org were addressed to head of the Strategy analytical center, economist Leanid Zaika.

- Let's imagine that people have paid for major overhaul, and, all of a sudden, this money depreciated and instead of accumulated deductions they have to pay additional 25 rubles per month or even more. Why is it like that?

- Such neurotic reactions of the HCS occur against the background of its short-minded policy. It's a typical Belarusian know-how to raise money for "nothing".

I learned heat modernization of housing abroad. This process is simple and cheap enough: you replace the centralized heating system with your personal gas-fired boiler.

And all these movements of the CHS prove the inabilty of it to be useful somehow.

Frankly speaking, 49% of heat in Belarus is lost in pipes. This system is obsolete and a ghost of communism. It was the time when the idyllic picture was created: the heating comes from large stations where clever engineers in white clothes look at oscillographs and press buttons.

One thing needs modernization here in Belarus - to cut pipes of the centralized heating and install personal gas-fired boilers.

And then no deductions to the HCS are required. It's just the lobbyist jerking of HCS officials. This is the most vulnerable sphere of Belarusian services. Only C- and D-students work in this sphere. Now they are in charge and come up with a fee for "heating modernization".

- What is the fate of deductions for the major overhaul? Earlier, they were spent on energy savings. Where are funds accumulated by decades?

- They melted into the all-Belarusian stupid management system. It's a phenomenon.

Officials have been trying to make fools of ordinary people for decades. And it's not about the HCS only. The Ministry of Transport also practices it.

Initially, it should have been required to introduce individual accumulation accounts for citizens. Ten laptops in the country would be enough to control it. And every person could learn how much he had accumulated. In addition, this money would have remained in case of moving to a new place. If you have $1000 on your account, they will remain if you move. And a person decides when and where to spend it. Instead of it, the HCS play games.

People are being fooled: money is raised and an official decides what house is subject to major overhaul. As a rule, these are residential buildings where a "mayor", or "deputy mayor" live. The system adheres to the lobbyist regime. You can pay all your life, but, as a result, you may have only walls painted yellow, like it is in a madhouse.

Individual accumulation accounts are required. No way, because graduates with gold medals do not work at the HCS.

- The authorities justified the construction of unsafe Belarusian NPP and stated that its putting into operation meant "modernization" of the energy system of the country and would allow cutting heating expenses. And now it's decided to "modernize" it at the expense of citizens. Why?

- All those promises were lies. I would say it's a regular plant. Even now the price for 1 kW at the NPP costs 20 cents, it's 3.5 times higher than its real price. The similar NPP is being constructed in Turkey - they inform 1 kW costs 6 cents.

As for the energy modernization, I think that everyone should be involved. As soon as someone in power deals with it, it results into farce and stealing from people.

The Ministry of Housing and Communal Service must be closed down. Because all their attempts end with criminal affairs, stealing, and kick-backs.

As soon as Belarus has started pursuing "energy communism", it has turned into a universal mess.

- The other day the editorial office of "Charter-97" received the letter about mass layoffs of employees at the HCS. For example, around 200 people are laid off in Smalyavichy. It turns out that despite growing rent bills, employees are fired to cut expenses. What is this money spent on?

- I dare to say that we observe a wholesale idiotization of the management system of Belarus. The authorities demonstrate their "idiocy squared".

Brazen attitude and impudence of the HCS is getting harder every year and now we're about to face the situation like one in Russia.

They openly raise tariff rates and exhort money from the population, and it requires drastic measures. I have been to many places in Russia. People are extorted from money, and officials build palaces, luxury hotels and houses for themselves.

Before Putin was "re-elected", the Russian authorities realized what could serve as a trigger. Then the State Duma adopted the direct relations between service providers and the population.

The civilized world - Poland, Lithuania - has long realized it. They have no HCS. Private companies engage in rendering housing and communal services. Lithuanian companies also operate in Russia, Ukraine, and even Kazakhstan. Belarus is still a reservation of the "communal mafia".

- Do the Belarusian authorities really fail to realize what can be the trigger of the social upheaval?

- The HCS has laid the delayed-action bomb. It is embezzlement.

This system, figuratively speaking, is burned down.