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The Question Is Simple - Where To Run?

The Question Is Simple - Where To Run?
Source: racyja.com

The time of Lukashenka and Putin is gone.

Anschluss came out of the blue. This time it was not wearing a helmet, but a suit and even a tie. I didn't put its hand forward as a specific greeting. It had no grenades or other inadequate equipment. Increasingly strict and vigilant security guards have not noticed anything suspicious and the distinguished audience , considering him a friend and brother, stood in awe. And then it all started!

Not long ago the peace seemed staunch. And our mighty vertical, inspired by the leader's straps, intended to fight back decisively machinations of insidious NATO. With the eastern brother and neighbor it intended to stand shoulder to shoulder somewhere near Brest or at camera point to crawl with grenades towards M1 Abrams. But a Medvedev D.A. spoiled this inspiring picture of a national feat at last. The most hurtful thing - it happened in Brest.

All of a sudden, the legend of one trench for two does not fly. The reality of a single space of the future feat is tough and rough. Salesmen have their own law - you borrow money, pay it back with an interest rate. You want oil and gas, you ought to pay in full. Therefore, the above mentioned alleged ally has bluntly charged the local ruler impracticable amount with lots of zeros. It was insullting at first. How can this figure be so high?

But this is not the end. The same Russian official reminded that on December 8, 1999, the ruler himself signed a treaty on a union state. It means a common parliament, a common judicial system and a common currency. The inevitable invasion of an impatient neighbor is the immediate prospect of such agreements.

The appeal to Comrade Putin was not satisfying. He simply repeated the main points of the document. He also noticed that the maintenance of the collective farm regime cost Moscow one hundred billion dollars. And he recalled conditions of unconditional surrender.

The invisible struggle under the Kremlin carpet was so tough and hopeless that there was no hint at the essence of the negotiations following the results of the New Year's Eve meeting. They don't think it's right to keep people informed. But it is already clear to everyone which way the friendship of the two bricks of the Soviet empire has led to.

But why has this cheap trick with the moldy and barely written off contract startled the ruler so much? Did he fail to see what a frisky ally did to almost all of his neighbors? Who was that person who once criticized his own officials for their gullibility to such unreliable partners on the other side of the eastern border?

"Why are you turning to this Russia where you are being kicked? Don't you realize that it is not the first time when they want to get everything for free? From now on, this time is over and different time begins. If we can't succeed in Russia, we shouldn't bow, whine, cry. We should seek our fortune in another part of the planet. I know and realize what I say". Those thoughts were voiced on May 25, 2009. His assistants were given quite reasonable advice. Why didn't he follow his own advice?

And now he faces the situation he warned them about. A cynical neighbor offers to live in the same collective farm, because he feels better about it. Complete romantics still hope that the new leadership will appoint the ruler, if he is lucky enough, as the governor of the annexed territories.Of course! As if they don't know this audience! And where to go if four sacks of potatoes don't fulfill their historical role? Sheikhs are hardly going to be glad to see an unexpected guest. The Solomon Islands already know about him. And the Papuans don't give a hoot about his bitter sufferings. It's all falling apart because of one recklessly signed piece of paper. It's happening when a luxurious ski arena is about to be built, when things are getting better and the issue of personal accommodation near the arena and personal workplace have been settled. Where does justice hide?

Presidents are leaving gracefully. Then they set up their own funds, read lectures at prestigious universities or just plant roses. As a rule, their resignation is accompanied by honor and respect of fellow citizens.

Dictators and usurpers leave in disgrace. It is better not to think about it.

That's why the Kremlin's chekist-opportunist doesn't have any illusions about it. No one can promise him reliable guarantees after leaving office. The situation in the country, moreover in power, is barely predictable. There's only one possible option: to never leave the presidential chair. And since this is Putin's last cadence, there is a real project to revive the forgotten treaty on a common state. Once the contract is "filled with specific content", all the worries and anxieties, and previous terms will dissolve in no time. And one can be re-elected. Who's going to miss this opportunity?

And all talks that Russia is only frightening the local regime to beat out some preferences for itself westwards are New Year's tales for the poor or the very naive. Russia has got down to this project. The empire is hungry; new lands are urgently needed. Therefore, we should put aside all the sentiments generated by the collective farm propaganda, remember the arrogant occupation of Crimea with all its repercussions, the brief history of Lugandonia, the tank campaign in Tbilisi. What kind of toasts were given before, what brotherly feelings were blazing! And then black realtors came to evict yesterday's friends and brothers from their cozy house. And now they keep an eye on the real estate in the western direction.

Even Drazdy ruler has already realized that no chance is left to him. He is trying to escape from the Kremlin trap. He sends four sacks of potatoes to the Kremlin, or suddenly starts telling about nine million automatic rifles, which he can hand out to the people. But it's too late! The people should have been remembered from the first day, not in moments of extreme danger. His and the people's interests diverged long ago.

And this last infamous cadence is coming to an end. He and his allied ruler have no prospects. All urges are useless. It's a New Year's Eve that has driven them mad and they encroach on new terms, on new territories. They make staggering plans. And they can't realize their time has long gone. The year 2019 has taken the floor.

And it has different plans.

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for Charter97.org