18 June 2019, Tuesday, 11:03
We are in the same boat

Riot Of Trolleybus Drivers: Does Minsktrans Want To Hush Up Scandal?


The drivers, who have signed the petition on public transport problems, are forced to withdraw their signatures.

Recently, the petitions.by site announced the collection of signatures under the appeal on unsafety of public transport in Minsk.

Drivers of public transport and passengers drew attention to the problems of the work of Minsktrans. The buses and trolleybuses carry passengers, although they have faults: wipers, headlights, speedometers and many other things do not work properly. The claimants state that the facts of malfunctions and violations are simply ignored by the management. In addition, the certification, which was held among the employees of the fleet, wasn't of much benefit, nn.by writes.

Also the problems with the rest of the drivers are mentioned in the petition – very often, the breaks are too small, or they simply cannot be used.

There are a lot of other points in the petition: complaints about the reduction of salaries, complaints that DVRs in the cabs are used so that to find a reason to deprive the driver of the bonus, complaints about labor safety...

So far, the petition has been signed by more than 1,300 people. The signatories demand from Minsktrans to carry out a detailed check.

“We do not refuse to work, we want to work on technically sound vehicles, we want normal, healthy and safe working conditions in accordance with the law, which at the same time must guarantee the safety of other citizens, of the passengers, and there are more of them than of all of us taken together!” – the statement reads.

However, pressure has been put on the signatories to the petition. A paper from the Minsk bus park No. 4 is making its way on telegram channels. Drivers who have signed the petition are asked to withdraw their signature and notify the authorities about it in writing.

They even offer options of explaining why the employee’s signature appeared under the petition: clicked out of solidarity; due to carelessness; the signature was put not by the employee, but by someone from the family.

The position of the bus park is still unknown. Nasha Niva has tried to contact the park administration, but they were told that the bosses had already finished their working day.