24 May 2019, Friday, 11:33
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The Names of the Kalinowski Rebels Will Be Written in Three Languages in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Government Commission made a final decision.

The names of the leaders and participants in uprising of 1863-1864 will be written in three languages. The Lithuanian Government Commission made a final decision upon the issue, Dzieje.pl reports.

April 23, the Commission for perpetuating the memory of rebels, chaired by Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis of Lithuania, officially adopted the decision to write names of rebels on plaques in Lithuanian, Polish and Belarusian languages.

"It is decided to take into account recommendations of Lithuanian historians: the names of rebels, including the leaders of the national uprising, Zygmunt Sierakowski and Kastus Kalinowski, should be written on the plaques in three languages," the statement says.

The reburial of the rebels, which takes place in the chapel in Rosa cemetery of Vilnius in autumn, will have the status of a state event.