14 December 2019, Saturday, 10:15
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Belsat Journalists Achieved Termination Of Case For Material That Was Not Theirs

Belsat Journalists Achieved Termination Of Case For Material That Was Not Theirs

Dozens of people supported the independent journalists in the Hrodna court.

On April 24, the Leninsky district court of Hrodna dismissed the case against Belsat journalists – Ales Dzianisau, Aliaksei Kairys and Katazhyna Leudatskaya, who were brought to justice for the allegedly created material about the composer and singer Czesław Niemen. Given that the material was made by other journalists.

As the journalists report from Hrodna, the judge gave the floor to each of the defendants, as well as to the Shchuchyn police representative. At that, Katazhyna Leudatskaya “actually tormented the police representative, since he could not even translate from Polish the credits at the end of the program, for which they were tried.”

“Three surnames of the people, who in fact worked on the program, are written in these credits. And he just sailed away: he did not know the Polish language, was not interested in what kind of people and what was written in the credits,” – the journalists note.

Then a break was announced, after which the judge dismissed the case against the journalists. About 25-30 people who came to support the defendants greeted this decision with applause.

Katazhyna Leudatskaya expressed her joy at the fact that the decision was made in favor of journalists.

“In fact, the police had neither evidence, nor evidence of witnesses, nor documents – nothing. And in general, I consider it a violation of my rights, because it’s not normal to hold a person accountable, having no reason for this,” – she said.

The journalist also notes that instead of spending time with her loved ones on Easter holidays, she was forced to sit “in these buildings with people in uniform.”