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Raman Bandarenka, Beaten by Lukashists, Died

Raman Bandarenka, Beaten by Lukashists, Died

He was killed by police officers.

On November 11, in the evening, a state of emergency happened at the "Square of Changes" well-known throughout Belarus. Police officers came to the courtyard on 24B Charviakova Street and seized a 31-year-old local resident, Raman Bandarenka. The man was beaten in a minibus and in the Central District Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk. After that, the resident of the protest yard was in the hospital unconscious.

As it became known to Belsat, Raman Bandarenka died in intensive care. The sister of the deceased confirmed this information to a number of media outlets.

A local resident Yulia stood next to Raman and saw everything with her own eyes. This is what an eyewitness of the events told Nasha Niva:

"Yesterday, at about 10 pm, people in civilian clothes with masks on their faces came to our yard. Two or three women and seven men. They began to cut the ribbons.

I went out into the street and saw the events with my own eyes, - says Yulia. - I had an argument with one of the women: what are you doing here? The answer was: we are not indifferent citizens, we live in our own country!

At this time, I saw Roma. I went up to him and greeted him. We stood with him and listened as some guy arguing with one of the "tsikhary."

Roma is calm, not hot-headed. He was an artist. He never provoked fights, behaved prudently. And yesterday too.

Roma listened, listened to the guy's dialogue with "the quiet man," then realized that this was a meaningless conversation. And he said to the guy: "That's it, there is nothing to talk about here, finish." Then the "tsikhar" turned to him and said: "What's up with you, sassy?" And he went to Roma. Roma began to retreat. And they were almost near the mural. "Ttsikhar" pushed Roma.

Roma dodged but did not fight back! But "tsikhar" grabbed him and began to twist. And it so happened that he harshly pushed Roma onto the children's metal ladder and sat down on him. And then this "tsikhar's" phone fell out. I shouted: "Roma, take off the mask from him!" After these words, the "tsikhar" picked up the phone and abruptly ran away, says Julia.

"But at the same moment, two men in gray and black ran up from different corners - not in uniform, in civilian clothes, and wearing masks. They ran up and began to "press" Roma: they did not beat him, but pressed him to the ground. All this time, tinted beads stood around the perimeter of the yard. No one left them.

And those who ran out took Roma, carried him by the arms and legs, waved the bus to make it come up. Roma was thrown into the car. I didn't see the beads swinging. They threw him, and the bus immediately left.

I told all this to the investigators today. I believe that the situation should be made public as much as possible.

I think Raman was beaten either in the bus or in the police department. On the playground, it was a scuffle, not a fight. And Raman didn't hit his head on that ladder! In any case, I saw it that way. And then there was no blood on the playground."

Recall that at night, 31-year-old Raman Bandarenka was admitted to the hospital with large cerebral edema, closed craniocerebral trauma, subdural hematomas, bruises, abrasions. The operation took several hours.

This is not the first death during the peaceful protests in Belarus. Aliaksandr Taraikouki (Minsk), Aliaksandr Vikhor (Homel), Henadz Shutau (Brest), Mikita Kryutsou (Minsk region) have already died. The death of the director of the Vaukavysk Museum, Kanstantsin Shyshmakou, also raises questions.