6 May 2021, Thursday, 19:47
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Last Chance for Officials

Last Chance for Officials

There is not much time left.

We won't stop anyway, don't even count on it. Protests in the form of large-scale marches and partisan actions will continue until our final victory. Belarusians will not submit. When the whole country revolts, any dictatorship is powerless.

The nomenclature, which continues to serve the illegitimate and unrecognized in the world Lukashenka's regime, should seriously think about its future fate. There is not much time left. The chances are even less.

I support the proposal voiced by the Basta! Telegram channel about summoning several high-ranking officials for negotiations with the people on Sunday, November 22, at 14.00, at Independence Square.

I know that today confusion and vacillation reign in power. Officials of different ranks live with us in the same country; their relatives, friends, neighbors participate in the resistance movement. Many of them are ostracized for their conciliatory stance and are hated by their own parents, wives, and children.

Dictator Lukashenka today really has no one to rely on if his own press secretary Eismant, together with the head of the Ice Hockey Federation Baskau and boxer Shakuta, have to clear the courtyards from white-red-white ribbons.

For you, officials, this may be your last chance. Otherwise, you will sit on the same dock with Baskau, Shakuta, and Eismant, or you will have to flee the country who knows where.

One thing is clear: this regime is bankrupt, and its fall is a matter of a short time. Think, decide, act.

Natallia Radzina, editor-in-chief, Charter97.org