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Student: Our Country Can Become Important Strategic Center In Europe

Student: Our Country Can Become Important Strategic Center In Europe

To do that, we have to rebuild the power structure.

Student of the European Humanities University, Aliaksandra Patapava, told the press service of the European Belarus civil campaign about her attitude towards the education system and the issues that concern the young generation of Belarusians.

- Tell us about yourself, where you study, why you chose this specialty?

- I am studying at the European Humanities University. The faculty of "Media and Communication". It's a remote form of education. After graduation I will be a bachelor of social sciences, but my professional field will be in media. My education does not limit my possibilities. I study the whole spectrum of media opportunities, from journalism to directing. My dream and goal is to bring new, modern knowledge to my homeland. I like the fact that my specialty is connected with society, because, in my opinion, society is the main wealth of any country, and it is only by developing society that we can build a strong and independent country. I have no desire to leave Belarus, as I consider it a territory with great potential. Now, besides studying, I work in a confectionery (service sector). This way I can earn money on trips to sessions in Vilnius (I have four or five a year). In the near future, I want to start working in my profession to develop my journalistic and literary skills.

- What problems do students care about most of all? What are the sentiments among young people?

- Our youth environment now, in a good and bad sense, is just a treasure trove for a researcher. There are a lot of issues that are not solved in the family, at school, or at university. The first is the school system, which does not stimulate self-development. The patterns of getting "at least some" education are established (it is also fed by parents), and a person leaving school is not always mentally ready to enter the university. Statistics of workers not working by specialty can tell about it. One thing is if you are a girl and you have time to "catch your breath" after 9 or 11 years in school. But if you're a guy, you get to go to the army.

There's nothing wrong with the army if you take the context of military training. But we're talking about the Belarusian army, which has managed to become famous for its hazing and spiteful attitude to young guys serving in it.

The second thing is that even knowing and choosing the university of their dreams, students receive knowledge completely detached from modern life, disgusting presentation of subjects, both due to incompetent teachers and the soviet system as a whole, which indulges the shameful activities of the BRSM in addition.

There are two reasons for this deep educational crisis. The incompetence of the authorities, Minister of Education Ihar Karpenka, and the infantilism of the Belarusian youth.

- Do students talk about the political situation in Belarus? What do you think about it?

- I've recently come across an interesting joke. It characterizes the students' attitude to the political situation.

- And what concentration camp are we being taken to?

- Sorry, I'm not interested in politics.

Well, that's what we have. Thanks to the scheme created by our power, the society no longer sees it... People throw off responsibility and can only complain in the kitchens. We don't have a political and social culture of conscious life built up since childhood. Reforms are needed both in economy and society.

Two years ago, I was collecting signatures in support of the Belarusian language. Many of those who signed, initially were against it. That's why I used to ask, analyze answers, deduce the problem and solve contradictions with a person right on the spot. The same serious approach should be taken now. For example, it is necessary to explain that participation in early voting means indulgence of system evil, it is necessary to remind that the person who wanted to try drugs is not a drug addict and does not deserve 8 years. It is necessary to start cultivating empathy for mistakes, patience for changes, breadth of mind to understand the other.

There is politics in every process and object. Politics is not a deputy at the tribune, it is knowledge about building an integral state, without which our life is impossible.

- Are the guidelines for the Belarusian youth in the west or in the east?

- Gradually, having got acquainted with the European culture, I came to the conclusion that knowledge about the West is not correctly interpreted in Belarus. It is also a problem of presenting our mass media and unwillingness of an average person to read more deeply about this or that process. It seems to me that it will be interesting to conduct a survey on what "European values" mean for a Belarusian and how he understands this expression in general. Having made a number of changes, in my opinion, it will be clear that we are mentally much closer to the West than to the East, and to Russia in particular.