18 January 2021, Monday, 23:01
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Dust-Raisers Of Hell Watch

Dust-Raisers Of Hell Watch

We all must decide how to get rid of Lukashenka.

While all our neighbors are taking emergency measures to slow down the spread of the pandemic, we see only the progressive madness of the dictator in Belarus.

Other structures - from ministers to ordinary executors - are following Lukashenka, who do not want to notice the pandemic. The police are chasing bloggers who are trying to find out the true information about what is happening. The Ministry of Health is asking riddles and keeping mouth shut. Doctors, who are blackmailed with a nondisclosure agreement, are shamefully hiding their eyes when asked about the number of sick people. Even the public transport controllers are stubbornly pretending that their grey and blue vests can protect them from the virus.

No questions to Lukashenka, for many years the dictator has been considering himself a higher being, who defies the problems of ordinary mortals, but the rest of you should think about. The virus doesn't care about your posts and titles, no uniforms but a suit of chemical protection can defend against it. It can't be hit with a baton, fined or imprisoned. You can't show it your service ID. You can't ban it by decree.

However, as they say, half a fool half a knave. It's clear what the dictator is laying his account with. He's ready to let the Belarusians pass the "survival test". At any minute, the number of pensioners may become smaller, and the mortality rate may help to cope with unemployment. That is why he does not declare quarantine, does not stop the work of enterprises, does not call for self-isolation.

His sycophants are doing the usual thing by the habit: they're fussing and showing zeal: "You're on watch, don't you dare to quit without finishing it, the mechanic isn't happy with you..." They only have forgotten how that dust-raiser ended up - his corpse was thrown overboard the ship with piece of iron tied to his legs.

We - common people, doctors, and even ministers - are all consumables for Lukashenka. If need be, everyone goes overboard. Those ones who used to give criminal orders and those ones who used to obey them. We're all his hostages. And we all must decide how to get rid of him. Before it's too late.

Maksim Viniarski, European Belarus press service