4 June 2020, Thursday, 3:16
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There Must Be Sanction For Lukashenka's Arrest

There Must Be Sanction For Lukashenka's Arrest

The dictator's presence in power has become dangerous for everyone.

The epidemic of Covid-19 coronavirus is spreading in Belarus, as well as everywhere else. At first it is slow, then it is growing (now it is this stage). Then the "blow off" and rapid expansion at a new level.

At this third level, the control of the epidemic could be lost, the medical system would be destroyed, medical personnel would die, and economic activity would stop. Then the number of those dead will reach tens or even hundreds of thousands.

In Belarus, all the signs of a criminal offence of an illegal authoritarian person bear a relation to the epidemic. A. Lukashenka consciously and purposefully has created a situation which threatens the health and lives of many people within the scope of the entire nation. Inadequate behaviour, surprising illogical rhetoric, unwillingness to understand anything, concealment and falsification of information, antisocial actions and decisions of A. Lukashenka have put at risk the health and life of Belarusians. A. Lukashenka's presence in power has become dangerous for everyone.

Urgent actions are necessary to stop the crime. Given the absence of a real parliament, there must be a sanction of the Prosecutor General for arrest of A. Lukashenka, his detention by the bodies of the Interior Ministry and opening an investigation concerning the creation of a threat to health and life of people.

It requires public support, broad popular initiative that would demand the arrest of Lukashenka and his prosecution.

Zianon Pazniak, pazniak.info