4 June 2020, Thursday, 5:23
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Confirmed Coronavirus Infections At MAZ, MTZ, Vavilov Plant

Confirmed Coronavirus Infections At MAZ, MTZ, Vavilov Plant

What is going on at large enterprises?

Readers report coronavirus cases at large enterprises in Minsk. Tut.by asked if the giant plants plan to quarantine.

MTZ (the Minsk Tractor Plant)

This morning, the premises in the administrative building of the Minsk Tractor Plant were disinfected. The inscriptions “Quarantine” appeared on the doors of the third and fourth floors. Plant employees reported that someone from the accounting department has a confirmed coronavirus infection.

The enterprise’s management confirmed this information. Andrei Suslenkou, the MTZ Deputy General Director for Ideological Work, Human Resources and Social Development, explains:

- There was a sanitary epidemiological service, they disinfected the rooms, walked along the corridor - and everyone was again allowed to work. Six from the office where the sick woman worked were sent to self-isolation - these are the first-level contacts.

The interlocutor adds that the patient was hospitalized on March 23, however, that she was infected with a coronavirus was confirmed only now.

- So practically, my workers worked on the ground during this two-week quarantine - if someone else had complications, I think they would have known that. But just in case, all the same, people were sent to self-isolation.

The representative of MTZ says that one of the contacts was sent not to home self-isolation, but to the hospital.

- This employee lives in a hostel, so they decided it would be better if she does not contact anyone else.

According to Andrei Suslenkou, there is no quarantine at the plant, no cases of infection in the production unit were detected.

- The plant is working, components are being supplied to us. The posts are organized - they check the temperature of the drivers who bring the trucks to the factory. We clearly comply with the recommendation letter of the Ministry of Health regarding prevention measures. They were given protective equipment, antiseptics, there is no compulsory requirement to wear masks, but we recommend wearing masks at security posts that many people pass by. In dining rooms, tables were placed at a distance of at least two meters from each other. In this situation, the main thing is to take preventive measures, people should follow the instructions, then everything will be fine.

MAZ (the Minsk Automobile Plant)

At MAZ, an employee has a confirmed coronavirus infection.

- One case has been recorded The plant operates as usual, all necessary measures are carried out on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, daily disinfection of premises is carried out,” said Zoya Taran, Deputy Director General of OJSC MAZ.

Plant named after Vavilov

At the Minsk plant named after Vavilov, a galvanic workshop was sent on vacation for a week. Up to 100 people work there. That's because one of the workers has a coronavirus infection, Radio Svaboda reported yesterday.

Today, one of the employees of the enterprise contacted reporters and added that another workshop, the 26th Transport and Mechanical, went on quarantine until Sunday.

- We have equipment, machines, we are in contact with all other workshops of the plant, including where there is a confirmed case. Therefore, we were sent to quarantine till the end of the week.

According to the interlocutor, disinfection was carried out in all the workshops of the Vavilov plant. See how it looks in the video.