26 May 2020, Tuesday, 8:46
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Belarusian Doctors And Patients Talked About Overcrowded Hospitals

Belarusian Doctors And Patients Talked About Overcrowded Hospitals

There are a lot more serious patients now.

Belarusian doctors and patients told The Current Time about the overcrowded hospitals and shortage of medical personnel.

Minsk resident Yauhen got into one of the city hospitals with bronchiolitis. The first test for coronavirus proved to be negative, while the second one confirmed COVID-19.

"The hospital where I was - it was more like a military hospital, somewhere at the front, receiving the wounded from the war - Yauhen says. - Let's start that everyone was put in one ward. The wards were large - 8-9 beds. And there were both healthy patients, and those whose diagnosis was not confirmed, but subsequently became confirmed later. In 18 days I lived with 9 infected people in the ward.

It is almost impossible to stay in the same room with those who have coronavirus and not get sick yourself. Yauhen is sure that he was infected by someone from the neighbors in the ward. The Minsker was lucky: it has recovered and is now at home: "It seems to me that it was impossible not to get infected in such conditions. We all used the same washbasin for 70 people, there were only 3 toilets: one common, one for women and one for men".

Meanwhile, the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the regions remains complicated. There are not enough beds in one of the Vitsebsk hospitals, and the number of patients is increasing.

According to Vitsebsk doctors, the number of patients is not decreasing.

Resuscitation physician from Vitsebsk Rastsislau Savitski says that there are still a lot of patients: "We still have very few beds, and they fill up quite quickly. The trend is that now there are many more heavy patients. Whereas previously there were patients of medium and mild severity, now there are more severe patients. Which, unfortunately, makes us sad and worry about what will happen next."