14 July 2024, Sunday, 1:39
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Sim Sim,
Charter 97!

Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Sim Sim, Charter 97!

The Google search engine helps bypass the blocking of the opposition website.

Dear friends!

The Belarusian authorities are panicking. It is because of their ridiculous orders and criminal inactivity that the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in Belarus has become critical. In order to hide the truth, Lukashenka and his followers have intensified the blocking of Charter97.org, blocked several "mirrors" of the site and are trying to limit the access to our accelerated and facilitated AMP-version.

However, their efforts are in vain. Our site still remains among the leaders of the Belarusian Internet. According to Google Analytics, the site had more than 3 million unique visitors and about 63 million views of news in April.

Thank you very much for your trust, dear readers!

We've already informed you about a new effective way to bypass the blocking by using the new Google search engine features. In recent days, our readers have been complaining that not all of the search words we offered earlier help to get to the site.

In this regard, we inform you that there may be an unlimited number of words or word combinations that help bypass the blocking.

You can enter words, combinations of words or combinations of symbols in the address bar of your browser or in the Google search box on your smartphone that will help you easily bypass the blocking and get to a light and high-speed version of our site (the AMP version).

Here are some examples: хартия гугл, хартия коронавирус, хартия 97 карантин, хартия 2020, charter97 хартия, хартия news, хартия наталья радина, радина 97, хартия витебск (гомель, могилев, бобруйск, etc.), хартия оппозиция, статкевич хартия, санников хартия, лукашенко преступник, charter97.org go, charter97.org da, charter97.org amp, хартыя па беларуску, хартыя на беларускай мове, вкл хартыя, хартия правду не спрячешь.

Or even those words that helped the legendary Ali-Baba to get into the treasure cave: сим сим хартия 97. It is not words that are important - it is important to understand the principle of search. Everyone can come up with and use his or her "password" to access Charter97.org.

Among the links that the search engine will give you, find any that leads to Charter97.org and Charter97.link and has a lightning icon next to it.

A click on a link with a lightning will open up our site and allow you to read any news. By clicking on the logo you will be taken to the title page of the site. This is a light version of the site, where comments and some headings are not available, but the speed of the site is fantastic. You will always be able to read our news and keep up to date with events.

You can use the same or other words to bypass the blocking and access to our site through the sound search by clicking the microphone icon in the address bar of your browser and saying the keywords (the sound search can be enabled through the phone settings).

We remind you that we are talking only about smartphones.

The Google search engine makes bypassing the Charter-97 website blocking a fascinating and creative endeavor.

We ask you to share information about this way to read Charter-97 with your family, friends and acquaintances, especially older ones.

Let us stay together and Belarus will be free!

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