9 August 2020, Sunday, 2:37
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Belarusians In Telegram Chats: Let's Do It Again Today!

Belarusians In Telegram Chats: Let's Do It Again Today!

People are discussing new rallies today at 19.00.

Belarusians are discussing the continuation of protests in telegram chats. Here are some of the quotes:

"Today I woke up in a completely different country. No, of course, the changes started not yesterday but about six months ago, however, it was yesterday that we overcame the fear to the point where we will never go back. Let's do it again today."

"We don't want to live in a country with skinny and dirty cows and a stupid cockroach at the head that dictates how we should live proceeding from his stupid cockroach vision of life. Yesterday finally showed us that we would do it, so today we will meet again in the center and we will simply walk. And no matter how many of us are there, it's just a good tradition to walk downtown in the evenings. We gotta follow it up."

We remind that today, presidential candidate Valer Tsepkala urged Belarusians to take to the streets.

In the Internet and social networks, a lot of participants of the yesterday rallies urge Belarusians to take to the central streets and squares of their cities today at 19.00.

Today is the first day of the allowed stage of campaigning for presidential candidates. People are going to use their legitimate right to legal pickets and take to the streets.