4 August 2020, Tuesday, 8:59
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

We Will Build Our Belarus By Ourselves

We Will Build Our Belarus By Ourselves

Let us finally wake up, and do something decent and worthy this summer.

This summer is marked by unprecedented protest activity of the Belarusian society. Dozens of thousands of people said “no” to the authoritarian-dictatorial regime of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, which began repressions against the civil society and arrogant provocations against alternative presidential candidates. However, the protesters are still too few. It is time for Belarusians to realize that no one can build a country for life, but themselves. Now every vote is important, every person and every citizen. And this vote is not needed at the polling stations on August 9, because there has not been an election in Belarus for a quarter of a century. This vote is now needed on the squares of Belarusian cities, and near the rural council buildings in the outback.

Let's not lie to each other and admit that Belarusians are most afraid not of Lukashenka and his dogs. We are all subconsciously afraid of change. Because being an architect of change is a responsibility. For yourself and for the country. We think that something terrible will happen with the departure of Lukashenka, and we will begin to live worse. That someone will enslave and destroy us. Believe me, it will not get any worse for the people. If we all stand together, for each other, we will truly recognize ourselves as citizens of the state called the Republic of Belarus, and begin to build a country for life. But already without Lukashenka and his team, who for 25 years could not provide a decent life for people, they only usurped power. It does not matter who will succeed Lukashenka. The very fact of his departure from the political scene, which will give impetus to the emancipation of the creative and constructive potential of the entire Belarusian society, is important. A powerful civil society will never allow a narrow group of people to seize power, but will ensure stable democratic democracy. With a powerful professional and respected parliament, independent branches of power, subordinate only to the Constitution and reasonable, fair laws.

There is no need to be afraid of change. We are together. All for each other. And we begin to move forward. A decent life for yourself and your children. For starters, we are not with the West and not with the East. We are on our own. At first it is very important to realize this. We must show the whole world that Belarusians are a great nation. That we are able to be an independent nation, and not depend on anyone. Only then will they respect and reckon with us. Belarusians are amazing people. Smart, kind and hardworking. This is 100% true. We must understand that our strength is in unity. The main thing is to destroy the stiffness and dullness in which our society has remained due to the 26-year-old rule of Lukashenka and his team.

We ourselves will build our country. Without Lukashenka. We are not small children who need a “dad”. It was this idiotic, degrading for any independent person, slavish thought that the state propaganda tried to force upon us over the past decades. Do not be afraid of change. Because we ourselves will do it. The whole country and each person individually. The main thing is to believe in yourself. There are many examples when people believed in themselves and in a short time achieved amazing results in the economy, technology, social policy relying solely on internal resources and fortitude: South Korea, Israel, Norway, Iceland, Taiwan. These are secular, like Belarus, states that surprised the whole world with competent reforms and a rapid increase in the standard of living of citizens. Believe me, Belarus is no worse than these countries. And by some potential it takes even more advantageous positions.

For 25 years, Lukashenka has not been able to build a country for life. Belarus is one of the poorest countries in Europe. The vast majority of people receive beggarly salaries, retirees get ridiculous pensions. People, maybe it’s time to stop sleeping? Maybe it's time to start doing something, rather than waiting for someone to help us? Europe or someone else. By and large, no one cares about other people's problems. Belarusians now have a very big problem, which is called Lukashenka, and his bootlickers are essentially worthless, but loyal to their master, “friends”. Let's wake up and do something decent and worthy this summer. For ourselves, and for the normal future of our children and grandchildren. Long Live Belarus!

Dzmitry Savich, activist of the European Belarus civil campaign, exclusively for the website Charter97.org