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March Of Unity Underway In Belarus (Online)

March Of Unity Underway In Belarus (Online)

One for all and all for one!

14.00, Sunday, September 6 - the March of Unity. The march was announced by the largest telegram channels in Belarus.

It's time to show the whole world that we stand for those who are detained every day, and who have been in prisons for a long time, that we are united in our independence. Let the invaders carry out as many negotiations with the Kremlin as they want, but only the people themselves will decide everything.


14.00. Independence Square, Independence Avenue.

We take with us portraits of our detained friends and relatives, posters in support of students, journalists and Catholics. Let's not forget about political prisoners.

We must release the real leaders of Belarus - Siarhei Tsikhanouski, Pavel Seviarynets, Viktar Babaryka, Mikalai Statkevich.

All Belarus

The central squares and streets of your cities, villages and towns.

One for all and all for one!

Freedom for Belarusian Heroes!

21:56 Look at Shabany in the evening.

21:53 Judging by the photo, the protest is only gaining strength.

21:48 People with white-red-white flags sing songs on Matusevicha in Minsk.

21:46 Minsk Loshytsa. The protest continues.

21:33 Smarhon now.

21:32 Minsk Lebyazhy neighbourhood continues the celebration.

21:31 At one of the Minsk construction sites.

21:30 Kamennaya Gorka celebrates.

21:21 Well-known football coach Vasil Khomutouski took part in the March of Unity.

21:08 The protesters write protest slogans right on the fence shields near Lukashenka's palace.

20:53 People are in a festive mood on the Square of Changes in Minsk.

20:44 Energy of the March of Unity.

20:40 The Belarusians came to support the café, which was attacked today.

20:33 Head of GUBOPIK (Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption) Nikolai Karpenkov personally broke the glass in the Minsk cafe.

20:19 How people protested under the palace of Lukashenka.

20:08 People walked around about four hours in Navapolatsk.

20:04 Basketball player Alena Levchenko: We need to stand our ground; we need to stand together.

19:58 Timelaps of the March of Unity in Minsk. Look at how many of us!

19:43 Reference to the last Lukashenka-style "spy games". By the way, the participants of the March chanted this slogan.

19:42 Another popular slogan in the streets of Minsk.

19:26 The city of miners also joins.

19:24 Belarusians prescribed "patient Lukashenka" treatment.

19:01 Brest supported the coach of local Dynamo goalkeepers Vasil Khomutouski. It will be recalled that he had to quit after the support of peaceful protests.

18:58 Demonstrators in Minsk are detained by people in civilian clothes, armour and with batons.

18:57 Mozyr supported the March of Unity.

18:47 People cleaned up the memorial to the hero of Belarus Aliaksandr Taraikouski.

18:37 Tram of change in Minsk.

18:29 When the main part of the protesters distanced from the cordon, spot arrests began.

18:13 A little more creativity from Minsk protesters.

18:11 People are still standing near the security forces' cordon. The cars of the security forces are painted over.

18:05 Shopping center "Gallery" in Minsk. Protest is everywhere.

18:01 What is happening near the cordon opposite Lukashenka's palace.

17:55 Creative work from fans of "Star Wars" in Minsk.

17:50 Riot policemen have sprinkled tear gas at the man, people moved away from the cordon, and then returned, exclaiming "Fascists!"

17:50 Today even Vaukavysk is at the March.

17:34 It has stopped raining in Minsk, the people keep walking.

17:31 The column in Peramozhtsau Avenue did not stop for 1.5 hours.

17:28 These are the posters left by the Belarusian protesters near the palace of Sasha the 3%.

17:19 The protesters are standing close to the riot police cordon near Lukashenka's palace.

17:13 The Lukashists sprayed tear gas in Hrodna.

17:12 People are standing near Lukashenka's palace. Bad weather is no hindrance.

17:10 In Brest, protesters honored the memory of Henadz Shutau, who was killed by the hit squad's bullet.

17:08 Mahiliou: a huge white-red-white flag near the theater.

17:05 A goose at the march in Minsk.

17:03 This is how Peramozhtsau Avenue looked like before it started raining.

16:55 Athletes have come to protest, the same as a week ago.

16:54 The procession is crossing the bridge now b in Hrodna.

16:46 People near Lukashenka's palace are chanting: "Let us inside to get warm!", "Karayeu - under trial", "Nobody pays us". At the same time, the following remarks are addressed to the security officials: "He will run away, but he will leave you behind", "Take off the mask".

16:42 People have even occupied a parking lot near Lukashenka's palace. The number of decibels is just off scale.

16:37 This is how Mahiliou protesters chase away "secret agents".

16:35 Meanwhile, in Minsk, part of the column is still walking near Freedom Square.

16:30 A huge white-red-white flag in Smarhon.

16:28 Mazyr students are in solidarity with their Minsk counterparts.

16:20 In the meantime, protesters in Hrodna have taken to the roadway.

16:17 Despite the rain, people are standing near Lukashenka's palace.

16:07 "Sasha is a nothing, intelligence reported": Minsk residents continue to amaze with more and more new slogans.

16:06 In Hrodna, they are chanting "You are a rat yourself" - a slogan addressed to Lukashenka.

16:03 This is what the column looks like on the way to the usurper's palace.

15:54 A huge column in Brest has reached the Kobryn bridge.

15:46 Svetlahorsk has joined the March.

15:45 More and more people near the cordon opposite Lukashenka's palace.

15:38 The most numerous procession in Mahiliou in recent years.

15:34 Accelerated filming on Peramozhtsau Avenue. Thousands and thousands of Minsk residents are at the March.

15:29 The head of the column is already chanting "Sasha, come out!" near the Lukashenka palace.

15:28 Polatsk's at the March today as well.

15:25 Rain is not a hindrance for the residents of Baranavichy.

15:25 The column that is going towards the palace of Sasha-the-cockroach.

15:21 A huge flag and drums near the Sports Palace in Minsk.

15:17 Atmosphere in Kobryn: "We believe! We can! We shall win!"

15:16 Meanwhile, the head of the column is already near the Heroes Obelisk, and the entire Peramozhtsau Avenue is filled with people.

15:12 Homel demands to release political prisoners.

15:09 Thousands and thousands of people are walking towards the "Minsk - Hero City" obelisk right now.

14:57 "Not to be a beast!": Zhodzina quotes Yanka Kupala today.

14:54 Minsk's at the March! Dozens of thousands are in the streets of the city now.

14:51 Belarusians, you are heroes!

14:49 Brest has sent greetings to the usurper.

14:46 Lida's at the March. The regions keep up with the capital.

14:45 Center of Minsk right now. The whole avenue is filled with people.

14:42 Babruisk is going to the March of Unity.

14:41 A large white-red-white flag has been sent flying on a drone in Hrodna. People are welcoming it.

14:40 People have approached the cordon at the intersection of Independence Avenue and Lenin Street.

14:36 Several hundred people have gathered near the department store in Homel. Now the column is moving along Savetskaya Street.

14:35 Lenin Street right now. Thousands and thousands of people.

14:32 People come out onto the roadway near Kastrychnitskaya Square!

14:30 "This is our city!": Hrodna at the March of Unity.

14:29 Near the Belarusian State Musical Theater, people are chanting: "Lukashenka -to a paddy wagon!"

14:27 Several hundred people have already taken to the square in Mahiliou.

Photo: nn.by

14:25 Students of BNTU, MSLU and BSUIR have joined the peaceful March!

14:24 A huge column has entered Independence Avenue, and is moving towards the center of Minsk.

14:23 A column of people is walking and chanting "Doggy!" in Ramanauskaya Slabada in Minsk.

14:16 A bright column from Hrushauka, Minsk.

Photo: tut.by

14:14 A huge column headed by Nina Bahinskaya is moving to the center of Minsk.

14:08 Columns from the Maskouski and Frunzenski districts have met at Niamiha.

14:05 A huge column is walking along Aranskaya Street in Minsk.

14:04 At the March of Unity today, there are people with portraits of founder of the website Charter97.org Aleh Biabenin, who died 10 years ago.Thank you!

14:03 Column on Lenin Street. People are gathering.

14:01 A large column at the Academy of Sciences. The cars are honking in support.

13:52 On Koshevoy Street in Minsk, protesters go out onto the road.

13:50 The column from Hrushauka is very bright and beautiful.

13:46 Columns of BNTU and BSUIR students have joined the procession.

13:30 A huge column on Hrushauka.

13:22 Hrodna is going to the March of Unity.

A column of protesters is marching into the city center.

13:18 Minsk. The columns from Hrushauka, Malinauka and the South-West have joined forces!

13:14 A column of protesters is moving from the west of the capital.

13:03 A column of residents of the Maskouski district is moving along Dzirzhynski Avenue to the center of Minsk.

12:45 The Minsk Automobile Plant and the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant have come to take part in the March of Unity. Belarusian workers are amazing.

12:44 The famous revolutionary song "We Want Changes!" had been played through loudspeakers at the Minsk railway station. An awesome action of Belarusian Railways workers.

12:11 Loshytsa is also at the march!

12:10 A column from Sukharava has started moving to the center of the capital.

11:57 The first column has begun the movement towards the center of Minsk.

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