18 January 2022, Tuesday, 0:54
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"Zhirinovsky Started To Tear Lukashenka Up First"

"Zhirinovsky Started To Tear Lukashenka Up First"

The closer the beginning of November, the more interesting it gets.

The shots fired in the telegram channels and on NTV did not produce the desired effect. The schizoid nonsense at the meeting with Prosecutor General of Russia Krasnov did not help either. Flattery in the wrong direction did not work for the Kremlin, but rather the opposite. Zhirik was the first to tear Lukashenka up, writes the Nick and Mike telegram channel.

The attempt to sit on all the chairs at once, including the Ukrainian and Lithuanian ones, was this time nipped in the bud. The unsigned gas contract is a very successful pressure tool. So tomorrow we are expecting hysterics.

Azviaronak and co. can go to their last media battle as cannon fodder before becoming a sacred media sacrifice. We have written that option B is close. But the blue-fingered one continues to bring it closer at an accelerated pace. At the same time, this is a reason to take a more active stance if we don't want a Riga Peace 2.0.

That is the only way. Only our activism will help to throw off the junta, and at the same time to stop being dependent on the whims of the "big brother" rattling his energy weapon. Sovereignty and the blue-fingered one are two absolutely incompatible things.