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63-Year-Old Pensioner of Hrodna Stood up for a Woman And Ran Away From AMAP at the Same Time

63-Year-Old Pensioner of Hrodna Stood up for a Woman And Ran Away From AMAP at the Same Time
Yuzef Nemera
Photo: Radio Svaboda

Hero of our time.

A 63-year-old resident of Hrodna, Yuzef Nemera, stood up for a woman who was dragged by AMAP during a protest march and served almost two months in a pre-trial detention center under criminal articles. In November, the pensioner was sentenced to 2.5 years of "home chemistry," Tribuna reports.

According to Yuzef Nemera, he was walking in the middle of the march when he heard the command to detain. Some of the people fled. One woman fell - Nemera ran to help her up. At that moment, he saw how two AMAP officers were dragging along the ground another woman who sat down on the ground.

“Probably my conscience could not stand it. I hit this AMAP officer on the buttocks and shouted: "Let her go!"," he recalls.

The second fighter rushed with a baton, but the pensioner escaped since he goes in for sports and runs fast.

The judge, after watching the video footage from the march, also remarked: "At least you run fast."

According to the terms of the sentence, the pensioner must be at home almost all the time (he can go out into the yard once a week to report to the police, and if he is called additionally, then more often). And he can leave the house for two hours every day.

In order not to waste time in vain, the family decided to make repairs in the living room, and Nemera spends his free time reading and watching sports programs. But the main problem for Yuzef - the champion of the BSSR and the master of sports of the USSR in the maritime all-around - was the difficulty in being able to exercise. During the allowed couple of hours, Yuzef often goes for a run. He runs 8-10 kilometers. All his life, he was engaged in athletics. According to him, for the number of kilometers that he ran, he went around the equator at least twice. Previously, he and his wife could ski in the forest for 3-4 hours. Now - no more than two.