1 December 2023, Friday, 15:43
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Lukashenka Confirmed He Spread COVID-19

Lukashenka Confirmed He Spread COVID-19

And he lied about pneumonia.

Lukashenka confirmed he had contracted COVID-19. This time, as the dictator stated, it was the Omicron strain:

- It does not cause pneumonia. I, for example, carried it on his feet. I noticed only at the end when a test was done.

Notably, the dictator earlier stated he had specifically covid-related pneumonia. Many people attributed his hoarse voice to this. It is not clear whether the usurper lied today or a week ago.

It also turns out that Lukashenka, infected with coronavirus, did not go into self-isolation, but continued to spread the virus. Yesterday, it became known that Metropolitan Veniamin, who was close to the sick dictator, contracted COVID-19.

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