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Mobilized Beat 'Old-Timers' In Russia

Mobilized Beat 'Old-Timers' In Russia

The old-timers tried to take away the phones from the newbies.

In a military unit near Moscow, contractors wanted to take some of the equipment and phones from the mobilized. But the recruits simply beat the 'oldies'.

The Baza Telegram channel writes about this.

The conflict between the soldiers took place in a military unit in Alabino, where men who fell under mobilization are being taken. The military personnel who were previously there demand that the newcomers hand over their clothes and mobile phones.

They answered the remarks with their fists. A mass brawl happened. According to the Baza, about 20 'old-timers' were beaten up. The beaten escaped only by locking themselves in one of the unit's rooms. They called the police while sitting there.

Military police and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived in Alabino. Nevertheless, none of them makes official claims to the police.

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