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25Km In 24 Hours: AFU Crashed Russian Army Defence In Kherson Region

25Km In 24 Hours: AFU Crashed Russian Army Defence In Kherson Region

The Ukrainian army continues its swift counter-offensive in the south.

Russia had hardly recovered from heavy, including in terms of image, defeats in Kharkiv Region and Lyman of Donetsk Region, when another painful blow was dealt to the Russian army.

This time it is on the southern front, namely the northern part of Kherson region, where the Ukrainian military have broken through the enemy defence line and have managed to advance by about 25km in the past 24 hours, reports dialog.ua.

On Sunday afternoon, the Ukrainian military published a video from the liberated village of Zolota Balka, and in the evening videos of Ukrainian fighters in Kreshchenivka began to appear on the net.

Meanwhile, Russian war correspondents and propagandists are reporting on AFU units approaching the village of Dudchany, which is located quite deep in the Russian rear of the occupied territories of Kherson Oblast.

"In the Beryslav direction, the enemy came close to Dudchany. It has not been possible to stabilize the front in this direction today. The situation is difficult," Russian war correspondents write.

Russian saboteur Igor Girkin (Strelkov) also confirms that the front has been broken through near Dudchany.

The Russians report that Russian army units also had to leave Shevchenkivka, Lyubimivka and Osokorivka under the attack of the AFU.

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to break through to Beryslav to reach the crossing to the Kakhovka dam and capture Nova Kakhovka," Russian public pages noted.

Thus, within a day, the Ukrainian troops managed to advance by about 25 km in the southern direction.

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