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Mobilized Russian Stages Riot Before Being Sent To Front

Mobilized Russian Stages Riot Before Being Sent To Front

The man, to the applause of his relatives, poured out everything he thought about the leadership of the Russian Federation.

The mobilized Russian, while being sent to the war with Ukraine, said out loud everything that he thought about the power of the Russian Federation.

This video was filmed in the city of Sasovo, Ryazan region, Censor.NET reports.

The man, before being sent to Ukraine as an occupier, tried to get information from the authorities on who and how would pay him a salary for the murder of Ukrainians. And when he didn't get an answer, he became indignant.

"Just understand me: who will feed my family then? Does the state care for my family? It cares for no one ... I don't trust the state," he exclaimed.

"Your government and you are liars. Meat, we are going there as meat, guys..."

The Russians, seeing off the mobilized man, greeted his words with applause.

"We gave you a drink, you calm down," the official replied.

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