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Russian Front In Kherson Region Falling Apart

Russian Front In Kherson Region Falling Apart

The AFU is advancing at a rapid pace along the bank of the Dnieper River.

A real disaster for the Russian troops has begun on the right bank of Kherson region: they have no reserves or back-up positions left to halt the counter-attack by the AFU. Ukrainian journalist and war correspondent Ivan Yakovina said that very important events were taking place in Kherson Region at the moment.

"Russian telegram channels are reporting about the ongoing catastrophe for the Russian army in this region. The Russians complain that they have no reserves or spare equipped positions, so they cannot stop the Ukrainian offensive. The AFU have broken through the front and are now advancing at a rapid pace along the Dnieper River, advancing south-east, liberating one settlement after another. The Russians are writing that the front is falling apart," the blogger said on his YouTube channel.

According to Yakovina, the Russian public pages also write that before the start of the offensive, the Ukrainian army somehow burned out all radio communication to the Russians. Because of this, Russian units are not able to coordinate their actions among themselves or communicate with artillery and aviation.

"As a matter of fact, this is the reason why the front is falling apart. Now these centers of resistance are not able to communicate with one another and coordinate their actions somehow. At the same time, bad weather has set in, as elsewhere in Ukraine. Low clouds, rain, which limits the Russians from using their drones for artillery targeting, and Russian aviation also has little ability to fly and bomb. Firstly, low cloud cover prevents it, and secondly, in the absence of communication with ground units, they simply cannot make out where their own are and where the others are," the military observer explained.

Yakovina then noted that Ukrainian groups are practically freely driving around the steppe in armoured vehicles. Thus, the story of Kharkiv region, when AFU fighters were driving Hummers across the steppe in exactly the same way, attacking Russian strongholds and supply bases, turning them to flee, and blowing up roadblocks, is being repeated.

"The Russian artillery's rear positions, headquarters and supply bases are mostly suffering now," the expert said. "There is complete chaos on Russian public pages because of this, and panic has already started. Everyone understands that the battle for the North of Kherson region is lost and Russian soldiers are just running away."

Ivan Yakovina then added that there is an absolute probability that the AFU will reach Beryslav, i.e. the Kakhovka dam, in the next few days.

If this happens, all Russian troops on the right bank of the Dnieper will have a very hard time. Most likely, they will be forced to surrender.

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