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Lukashenka Is Not Belarus

Lukashenka Is Not Belarus

Mr. Three Percent has come up with odious statements.

The Basta! Telegram channel published a letter from a reader:

“Mr. Three Percent continues to make odious statements, saying that the Belarusians have been taking part in the war against Ukraine all this time, while NATO on the western borders is “preparing for an attack” on Belarus in full. But he hasn’t got guts: even with the announcement of mobilization, the Belarusians will not go to war against the Ukrainians. We are not Russians. Every third Belarusian at least once traveled to Poland and Lithuania for purchases. We traveled, we saw how people live, we know who is our friend and who is our enemy.

Lukashenka is not Belarus. In his head there is a solid collective farm with a slave, Russian fascist thinking. Also a wild fear of his mentor Putin.

However, even he understands that he cannot go beyond ridiculous statements and intimidation with mobilization. No matter how much he frightens our people, no matter how many people he represses, he will not be able to break the will of Belarusians: it will always belong to us. When the time is right, we will demonstrate it to him.

Long Live Belarus!”

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