29 January 2023, Sunday, 15:38
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Russian Troops Trapped On Arabat Spit

Russian Troops Trapped On Arabat Spit

American analysts called the “weak spot” of the occupiers in the event of a new offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south.

The Russian occupiers are intensifying the militarization of the Arabat Spit. They probably want to create a new route there to supply their troops.

Now there are Russian military helicopters and mobilized people on the Spit. The Russians want to use the Arabat Spit as another way of connecting the Crimea with the southern regions of Ukraine.

Analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believe that such a route would be vulnerable to the Russians in the event of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. This is because it relies on 2 bridges near Henichesk in the Kherson region. At the same time, we already know how aptly the Armed Forces of Ukraine are able to destroy the crossings that the occupiers need.

Now the Russians are building defenses near the critical logistical routes connecting the Crimea and southern regions of Ukraine. Ukrainian intelligence spokesman Andriy Chernyak said that the occupiers are preparing defenses in two areas in the north of the Dzhankoy district.

The enemy is preparing to build defensive structures in the city of Armyansk, in the Crimea. By the way, only yesterday, on November 25, there was a “big bang”. The invaders claim it was the work of air defense.

“Russian forces are increasingly relying on these land lines to supply troops in the southern Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions from the Crimea, but this could create possible bottlenecks,” the report said.