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Commander Of 13th Tank Regiment Of Russian Army Shoots Himself Dead

Commander Of 13th Tank Regiment Of  Russian Army Shoots Himself Dead

The suicide occurred due to the catastrophic state of the "reactivated" equipment of the invaders.

The "reactivated" enemy equipment was completely plundered, the commander of the tank regiment of the invaders shot himself.

This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The message says that the occupiers are trying to restore the losses with the equipment removed from long-term storage. "In particular, at the airfield in the village of Klimovo, Bryansk region (35 km from the border of Ukraine), the enemy is deploying a repair and restoration base. Right now, the enemy's repair base is trying to "put into service" a significant amount of equipment that arrives from long-term storage warehouses. The state of this equipment is mostly extremely unsatisfactory, which makes it impossible to fully use it," Ukrainian intelligence notes.

At the same time, they point out that in Russia they often face the problem of the impossibility of restoring equipment after "reactivation" from warehouses — optical instruments and electronics containing precious metals have been completely stolen from combat vehicles.

"In particular, in the 4th tank division of the Russian Federation, it was found out that out of 10 "reactivated" tanks, only one is in a more or less operational condition. The rest are completely dismantled. Some of them do not even have engines. At present moment, the plan for transferring to the front of the equipment removed from storage has actually been disrupted. According to available information, the commander of the 13th tank regiment of the 4th tank division of the Russian Federation shot himself dead," the intelligence reports.

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